Turn the iPhone into a metal detector thanks to this app

Turn the iPhone into a metal detector thanks to this app

We bring you an interesting application that turn iPhone into a metal detector that can be of much use to you. Search for metals in the sand, coins on the sofa in your house, cables between the walls of your homeā€¦.

Tesla Metal Detector turns iPhone into a metal detector

If you thought you had seen it all in apps, we are going to show you that no. Today we talk about Tesla Metal Detector, an app to detect metals and magnetic fields with your mobile.

The compass of the iPhone makes this function possible. It detects the position of the magnetic north pole thanks to a magnetized needle, that is why the smartphone it detects magnetic variations and can distinguish ferric metals precisely thanks to its magnetic properties. Other metals also have this ability, such as nickel and cobalt, as do their alloys.

Metal detector app for iPhone:

Tesla Metal Detector is an old app that uses this magnetic sensor to tell when there is a metal near the device.

Metal detector app screenshots

Metal detector app screenshots

It is very easy to use. Simply to activate the detector we must click on the switch at the top left of the screen. Of the two that there are, we must activate the one on the left.

Now we must pass the back of our device, through an area where there is a metal or magnetic field. When passed through a magnetic metal, the sensor receives the magnetic fluctuations and the app reflects them on the screen. In this way we can know that there is a metal nearby.

We advise that the application will detect metals only if they have magnetic properties, are large and very close to the phone. For example, we can find metallic objects on the beach that are very much on the surface of the sand, but it will not be able to detect objects that are somewhat more buried.

A curious application that we recommend you, at least, try.

Download Telsa Metal Detector



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