Turn iPhone into a SPEEDOMETER for cars thanks to this app

Turn iPhone into a SPEEDOMETER for cars thanks to this app

We tell you about speedometer for cars they use in Youtube, all car channels to measure times and speed of your vehicles. An app that if you are a lover of the motor world, you will love it.

Car speedometer

Speedometer for car

I don’t know if it happened to you, but when we start watching videos of cars in Youtube, I have always been struck by a specific app, which is used by many YouTubers to measure speeds and time. I have always been curious to know what it was and, finally, looking in the store of iPhone apps, we have found it.

Is called DragyIt’s free and has everything a powerful car lover wants. That if, to be able to use it we will have to go through the box since it needs an accessory, by way of Gps, to make speed, time, distance, elevation calculations…. A tool that literally measures everything the moment it is used.

The speedometer for cars that appears in YouTube videos:

We enter the application and the first screen that appears is the following:

Welcome screen of the appWelcome screen of the app

App welcome screen

It makes you want to press the button Connect and try it, right ?. Well, you can only do that if you connect the application to the accessory that we link below:

If you are not going to buy it or plan to buy it but you still do not have it, the application allows us to access more content. Accessing each option that appears in the lower menu, we can do the following:

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Dragy's RatingsDragy's Ratings

Dragy’s Ratings

It gives us access to the monthly classification table of many measurements. These appear at the bottom and you can see, for example, in the month of July that the user has been able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h, faster at the moment with his car.

Pressing on the users that appear in the rankings, we have access to the graphs of acceleration, speed, distance and times.

Measurements of this speedometer for carsMeasurements of this speedometer for cars

Measurements of this car speedometer

Feed, the most social part of this car speedometer:

Dragy's social networkDragy's social network

Dragy’s social network

It is the section that we like the most. In it we can see photos, videos … of wonderful cars at top speeds. Those of us who love this world, like me, watching some of those videos give us goosebumps. In all of them we can write comments and, like any social network, like.

We can also write and send our photos and videos, even if we do not have the accessory purchased. Yes, in this speedometer for cars, the videos with the measurements of the application are highly valued.


Set this app that turns iPhone into a speedometer for carsSet this app that turns iPhone into a speedometer for cars

Configure this app that turns the iPhone into a speedometer for cars

This menu gives access to our profile where we can see our publication history, configure the app, add our vehicle….

An application that everyone will like and that we recommend you download. You know, it is free but if you want to increase times, speeds, accelerations … you must buy the accessory that we have mentioned before.

Download Dragy



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