Tunneling my traffic through a TCP connection (or other solutions)

Tunneling my traffic through a TCP connection (or other solutions)

Hello, some time ago I got through an issue with my ISP where all websites would be very slow, throttled by the ISP, but when I run a **Speedtest**, it shows that I have a speed of ***70Mbps***, which in no way can be real when I can’t even play YouTube videos.

So, I knew they were throttling every website that is not Speedtest, so I thought of an idea, I set up an OpenVPN server and set the `http-proxy Host` (SNI) to [www.speedtest.net](http://www.speedtest.net/), so that all websites would be treated as Speedtest, and this actually worked. I got my full speed on the other websites that were being throttled.

Later, they seem to have patched that, it no longer gives me full speed on all websites, except that Speedtest still has the full speed working. I am not sure how it is being whitelisted right now, but using **Fiddler** I was able to tell that the Speedtest’s test are downloading from a Speedtest host on port 8080. So, I opened a TCP connection using **netcat**, to that host on the specified port, and sent the `DOWNLOAD` command, and this connection was unthrottled too! I was able to download through that TCP connection with my full speed.

But the thing is, through this TCP connection, I could only download random/temp data for the Speedtest, nothing that I want (aka: not browsing), which is useless.

I was wondering if there was some way that I could tunnel my traffic through a TCP connection started through **netcat** (or any other tool that can do this thing), so that I am browsing through an unthrottled connection = full speed to all websites.

Or if there was any other thing I could do to trick them into thinking I’m running a speedtest/connecting to their Speedtest servers so that I can get my full speed.

Thank you so much in advance.


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