Try this app to put your face on another body [DeepFAKE]

Try this app to put your face on another body [DeepFAKE]

Reface It is an application with which you can put your face on another body and then share them with whoever you want.

Reface, the app put your face on another body

Reface, the app put your face on another body

Creativity in terms of videos is something very recurrent in our days and that is why we talk about Reface. This app allows you to put your face on the body of another famous person. In addition, it allows you to share it with whoever you want in a very simple way. Is one of those iPhone apps that allows you to change the face of a famous person for yours.

The video creation process is very simple and faster than in other apps of the same style, such as Impressions.

The app allows you to put your face on another body in a super simple way:

As soon as you enter the app, it will ask us to do a Selfie, which will be used to superimpose on any of the videos available in the app.

Once we do, we will see a screen where we will be asked to subscribe to the application service, but it is not necessary to do so to create our video with the face superimposed on the famous person we want.

Screenshots of Reface, formerly called DoublicatScreenshots of Reface, formerly called Doublicat

Screenshots of Reface, formerly called Doublicat

After choosing the video, it will do the overlay process of our face and will generate an impressive video in which our face will perfectly fit the main character that appears in the images. We can download this on our photo reel and we can share it wherever we want.

That yes, it will appear with the watermark of the application.

The version PRO also allows you to do the same with GIFs. Uploading our Gifs favorites we can create them as it could be done in the past with this app called Doublicat and which we will talk about next.

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How to overlay our face on our favorite GIFs:

When we have found the GIF we want to customize we will have to select it. A new tab will open and, at the bottom, we will see «Reface” and “+»If we press the« + »option, the application will open the front camera.

The next step is to focus on our face or the face we want and press the button to take the photo. The app will detect our face and if we confirm and press «Reface«, The app will process the face and GIF and will replace the original face with ours, with features included. The last step will be to save or share the GIF with whom we want.

Old app interfaceOld app interface

Old app interface

We return to comment that this process is paid.

If you want to personalize your GIFs favorites with your face, making your communication more personalized, do not hesitate to download this application.

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