Trick to save on the electricity bill thanks to the iPhone

Trick to save on the electricity bill thanks to the iPhone

We are going to talk about some automations that you will surely do save on the electricity bill. Some adjustments in the app IOS shortcuts that we have been using it for a few days and that it has come to us great.

Trick to save on the electricity bill

These automations that we can do in Shortcuts, they can be done in any country. You only have to know the time slots of each electricity rate. In Spain, since June 1, we have changed the hours of the different rates and that is why we do this great tutorial that we recommend you share with all those who want to save money.

Now the sections are 0h.-8h. valley rate; from 8 am-10am. flat rate; Come in 10 am-2pm. peak rate; of 14h-18h. flat rate; from 18h-22h. peak rate and between 22h-0h. flat rate. Weekends are all valley rate, the cheapest.

Well then, let’s configure the iPhone to show us what rate of the day we are in and thus be able to adapt our housework to avoid that the electricity bill is more expensive.

At the end of the video you we link the video in which we explain how to do EVERYTHING, step by step.

Save on your electricity bill thanks to these automations for iPhone:

The first thing we have to do is choose 3 photos that we want to have as wallpaper. To make it more visual, we have chosen a green screen background, another yellow and another red.

Colorful wallpapers

Colorful wallpapers

Obviously you can do it with the photographs you want. You can even edit any photograph and add a point of color to distinguish them, for example in this way:

Color points to save on the electricity bill

Color dots to save on your electricity bill

Once we have them, we have to upload them to iCloud and host them in the folder Shortcuts.

Shortcuts folder in iCloud Drive

Shortcuts folder in iCloud Drive

After uploading them to iCloud, we started setting up the automation. You have to do one for each time slot. In the case of Spain we have to create 6 automations.

Automations to save money:

We enter the app Shortcuts and we do the following:

  • Click on “Automation”.
  • We select “Create personal automation.”
  • Click on “Time of day”.
  • We click on the box where the time appears and we put …
    • 0: 00h for valley rate
    • 8:00 a.m. flat rate
    • 10: 00h peak rate
    • 14: 00h flat rate
    • 18: 00h peak rate
    • 22: 00h flat rate
  • We tap anywhere on the screen to make the numeric keyboard disappear.
  • In the options that appear below, we select every day since it is a rate that will be repeated at the same time every day. In all other automations you must select Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
  • Now click on “Next”.
  • Click on «Add action».
  • In the search engine we put «Get file» and we select it in the list that appears at the bottom of the screen.
  • On “Service” we have to have configured “ICloud Drive”. We deactivate “Show documentation selector” and in the file path we put the name of the file of the wallpaper that we want to appear to distinguish each rate. To copy the name of the file we access the app Files, we came in iCloud Drive, we access the folder Shortcuts and we press and hold the file of the wallpaper that we want to put. From the options that appear, we choose “information” and we press and hold the name of the same to copy it (If you are not sure, see the video that we attach below).
  • We paste the file name in the “File route”.
  • Click on “+” and in the search engine we put “Set wallpaper” and we select it.
  • Click on “Starting screen” and we deselect it from the menu that appears. After this we click on “Okay”.
  • We click on “Show more” and we deactivate «Show preview».
  • Now click on “Next” and we deactivate the option «Request confirmation».
  • We press “Okay” .

Now we have to configure the other automations to save on electricity consumption:

Now we will have to do this with each of the time slots of the different electricity rates. It is somewhat heavy but the savings that you are going to achieve with this tutorial, deserves to waste 5-10 minutes doing it.

Keep in mind that the other rates, apart from changing the wallpaper file in each one of them, you have to specify the days on which they will be activated. All of them will be from Monday to Friday.

We have configured our funds as follows:

  • Green: Valley rate.
  • Yellow: Flat rate.
  • Red: Peak rate.

If it has not been very clear to you, we are going to show you this video in which we explain everything step by step:

We hope you found it interesting and share it with all those who want save on the electricity bill. Surely there are many.



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