Trick to reveal HIDDEN CONTENT in messages

Trick to reveal HIDDEN CONTENT in messages

If you want reveal hidden content in messages, it is possible and we show you what is the trick to do it, keep reading …

Reveal hidden content

Reveal hidden content

Today we are going to teach you reveal hidden content in messages. Those messages that come crossed out in black and that we do not know what it says, now we can already know. One of ours iOS tutorials for spies.

Surely many times we have received some other message strikethrough. When we say crossed out, we mean that the message comes with a small black spot. We have discovered a small trick, which will reveal the content of this message.

To do this, you must follow the steps that we are going to give you below. But we already tell you that it will not always work. We will also explain how to do it correctly so that this does not happen.

It only works with images processed with the iOS photo editor.

How to reveal hidden content in messages:

The following video is made with iOS 12. In higher iOS the photo editor interface changes but the operation is the same:

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What we must do is take a screenshot of the image that has been sent to us with the hidden message. Once we have it, we go to the reel, open the photo and go to the edit section.

When we are already in “Edit”, we must select the option “Brightness”.

BRIGHTNESS option in iOS photo editorBRIGHTNESS option in iOS photo editor

BRIGHTNESS option in iOS photo editor

In this section, we move the brightness bar to maximum. We will see how the image is lightening and therefore, the black color that covers the words, is lightening. If the message is not fully clarified, also modify the option “contrast”. The result will be very similar to what we see in the following image …

Message revealedMessage revealed

Message revealed

It’s that simple we can reveal hidden content in messages. Something that surely can come in handy on occasion.

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But we are going to give you the solution, so that nobody can reveal the content of our messages.

How to prevent them from revealing hidden content in messages:

Something that we do when sending a screenshot and want to hide something, is the following. We go to the same edit menu, but instead of choosing the marker, we will choose the square.

To do this, click on the circle of the three points that appears in the upper right and click on the option «Dialing ». Here, we can select, by pressing the “+” button, from an arrow to a circle … But we are interested in the square, therefore, we select it.

Once we have it selected, we can fill it by clicking on the option that appears in the lower left of the screen with an icon in which we can see a circle and a square. Now we must put the right size to cover the message we want. As we see below …

Completely hide your messageCompletely hide your message

Completely hide your message

In this way, no one will be able to reveal the content of our messages. So your messages will be safe.

This will also come from pearls to cover faces, license plates, objects … from photographs.

Therefore, if you did not know this trick, do not forget to share it on your favorite social networks, so that nobody passes it.


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