Trick to LOCK an app on iPhone so no one else uses it

Trick to LOCK an app on iPhone so no one else uses it

We show you how block an app on iPhone or iPad so that nobody but you can use it, creating a password for it.

block an app on iPhone

So you can block an app on iPhone so that nobody except you can use it

Today we are going to teach you create a password to lock an app on iPhone. A good way that someone who picks up your device can’t use certain apps without your permission. Another of our tutorials for iOS it will come from pearls.

Surely more than once you have left your iPhone certain people and you are afraid that they will use applications that you don’t want them to open. That is why Manzana It gives us the possibility of creating a code so that only we can use those applications.

The truth is that it is a trick that we have discovered that takes advantage of the functions of the “Use time” of iOS.

How to block an app with code:

In the following video we explain how to do this tutorial. If you are more of reading, we explain it in writing below.

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The first thing we should do is know perfectly well that app is the one that we are going to block. Once we know what it is, we go to the device settings and click on the option “Use time”.

If you have not configured a blocking code for this function, create it first of all by clicking on the option “Use code for” Use time “.

Once in the menu of that function, we will see that a graph appears with all the usage data of our device. If you look, an option appears «See all activity» which is where we have to press.

Click on the option «See all the activity»

Now we will see that a new graph appears and below the applications that we have used on the device. What we should do now is look for that app that we want to block.

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When we have found it, click on it and we will see that a graph appears on this app, information about it and at the bottom “Add limit”.

block an app on iPhone 2block an app on iPhone 2

Add the 1 minute limit to perform the trick

Click on this tab and the limit that we must add is the 1 min. By creating this limit, what we achieve is that the device asks us for the password as soon as we enter the app. Therefore, when pressing on the app, it will ask us directly for a code to enter.

In this way, only we, who are the ones who know the code, will be able to use this app no problem.


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