Trick to copy and paste on iPhone and iPad quickly

Trick to copy and paste on iPhone and iPad quickly

We show you the trick to copy and paste on iPhone quickly with a series of tricks that we will show you to be more productive.

Trick to copy and paste

Use these tricks to copy and paste on iPhone

Today we are going to show you a trick to copy and paste on iPhone. A good way to save time, since we will use gestures instead of going through the process we always do.

The truth is that being able to copy and paste, selecting text … is one of the best tools we have on iOS, even if it doesn’t seem like it. Since with this process, we can save a lot of time when writing, when sharing something … In short, it is a process that we already have automated and to which we do not give the importance that it has.

In this case, we are going to teach you a series of shortcuts, which with a few simple gestures we can make this even easier.

Trick to copy and paste on iPhone using gestures

Although now this seems really difficult, you will see how in a short time you have done it and it will be much easier.

To do this, we are going to use a series of gestures that we describe below, so that you can do it too:

  • Press a word twice: By doing this, we get to select this specific word.
  • Press 3 times a word: If we make this gesture, we will be able to select the entire paragraph at once.
  • Pinch with 3 fingers: If we make this gesture, which is the same as the one we do to reduce size, we will see that the text is copied.
  • Zoom with 3 fingers: Now we must do the same, but in reverse, the process will be the same as when we want to zoom in on a photo, but using 3 fingers. With this we can paste the text that we have copied.
Trick to copy and paste 1Trick to copy and paste 1

Look at the gestures to do

As you can see, there are 4 gestures that we can implement in our day to day and that at the moment you get hold of them, you will see that everything is much faster and easier.

Of course, these gestures are only valid in any text editor, it is not useful to do it on a web page or in a text that we see.

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