Transfer Photos and Videos from iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to Mac/PC

Want to transfer photos and videos from your iOS device to Mac or PC? In this guide you will learn how to import photos or videos to your Mac or Windows PC.

Import to your Mac
Import it to your computer

Import to your Mac

Steps to import photos or videos to a Mac are very easy to compare with a computer. Using these steps, you can transfer from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your Mac.


  1. Connect your iOS device to your Mac using a data cable and make sure it is paired and viewed on your Mac.
  2. Now open the Photos app. Usually the Photos app shows you an input screen to transfer selected or all the photos and videos from the paired device. If this does not happen, you can manually click the device name in the sidebar or the Photos app.
  3. If you select your device, you may be prompted to unlock it, so enter the password. If you see any request to trust this computer, tap Trust and continue.
  4. Now you need to select the photos and videos to import and then click on Select Import or click on Import all new photos.

It may take a while to import the stuff, and it depends on the number of photos and videos. So let it complete the transfer and disconnect your device once. In the future when you have new photos / videos, reconnect the device and click the Import All New Photos button.

Import to Windows PC

You can transfer your photos and videos from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to a computer running Windows 10, 8 or even 7 without the help of third party software. If you are using Windows 10, you will use the Photos app and if you are using a previous version of Windows, the method is a little different. Follow the method below according to your Windows version.

Windows 10

To import photos to your computer, you need to connect your device to the computer and use the Windows Photos app.

  1. The latest version of iTunes must be installed on your computer. iTunes 12.5.1 or later is required to import the photos to the computer.
  2. Use the data cable of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and connect your device to the computer.
  3. Enter the passcode to unlock your iOS device, and if you are prompted to trust this computer, just tap Trust or Allow to continue when prompted.
  4. Open the Photos app, you can click on Start button to find it.
  5. To start importing photos and videos, click Import> From a paired device. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Windows 8 or Windows 7

If you can not use the Photos app on Windows 8 or 7, you can follow these steps to import photos and videos.

  1. Connect your iPhone using a data cable on your computer. If you are connecting your iPhone to a computer for the first time, Windows will need to install its driver. It will take a while, so be patient.
  2. Once the device is installed correctly, your iPhone will be listed with other drivers under the Devices and Drives section.
  3. So open your computer “The computer” and right-click on the iPhone device and then select “Import photos and videos”.import-photos-and-videos-from-iphone
  4. This will open the window for importing photos and videos. Here you can see how it contains a total number of photos and videos on your iPhone and another option that you can choose to transfer photos and videos.
  5. Select the “Review, organize, and group items to import” option when transferring or importing images for the first time. The second option ‘Import all new items now’ is useful if you have already transferred images from the device and only want to transfer new items from your iPhone.import-pictures-and-video-windows-8
  6. Click the “More option” link to select folders where you want to import iPhone photos and videos. As you can see below, you can set up an import folder for Photos, Videos, Folder and Filename, and some other options including “delete files from iPhone after import”.
  7. So set all required options and click OK and then the Next button.
    input settings windows-8
  8. In this step, select all or individual items to import. You will see that all the photos and videos are grouped by date and time. You can use the “Customize Groups” slider to change the amount of time between groups and a folder will be created for each group when you enter it. If you want to create only one group folder, move the slider to the right and then click on import photos.

Clicking the Import button will take photos from the iPhone to a computer according to the size and number of files.


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