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Want to transfer contacts, photos, music, PDFs / books and more from Android to iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? In this guide you will learn how to transfer content manually; you can use the Move to iOS method to transfer data automatically to iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. If this does not work for you, do so manually according to the following method.

Photos and videos

You need to use a computer to transfer the photos and videos from your Android device to iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Follow the given steps to transfer:

  1. Connect your Android device on your computer to the computer and it will be available along with the other chips. Open the paired device and on most devices you will find the photos and video files in the DCIM> Camera folder. Mac users can install Android File Transfer and then open it to view the files in DCIM> Camera.
  2. Select all the videos and photos you want to transfer and move them to your computer.
  3. Now remove your Android device from the computer and connect the new iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device to the computer.
  4. Mac users with MacOS Catalina or later installed must open Finder, MacOS Mojave or earlier, or PC users must use iTunes to sync photos and videos on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. After syncing the photos and videos, you can find them on your device in the Photos app.

ebooks and PDFs

To transfer your books and PDFs from your Android device, you can import the eBooks to your iOS device or access them with an app like Kindle, Nook, Google Play Books and others. Simply install the required app on your device from the App Store, sign in with your account information.

You must use a computer to transfer ePub books and PDFs from Android to iOS devices. Follow the given steps:


  1. Connect your Android device to the computer and view the PDFs and books in the Documents on the computer. Mac users can install the Android File Transfer and then open it, go to the Documents to see the books.
  2. To transfer it to the computer, select all the PDFs and books you want to move and then drag it to your computer.
  3. Now disconnect your Android device from the computer and connect the iPhone or iPad to your computer.
  4. Mac users using macOS Catalina can simply open the Books app and drag the Books and PDFs into it. If you are using MacOS Mojave or an earlier version or Windows PC, you need to use iTunes and sync the ePub book and PDFs. After synchronizing, you can find all the books and PDFs in the Books> Library section.

Files and documents

You may be using different storage services to store your files or documents, such as Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. You can download the app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and you have access to all your documents anywhere.

If you do not use cloud services and files / documents are stored on your device, then follow the above ebooks and PDF method to transfer the documents to iOS devices.

Mail, contacts and calendars

Moving your email accounts, contacts and calendars is as simple as adding an account to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

  1. Just go to Settings> Email> Accounts and start adding your accounts to email providers like Google, Microsoft, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo and more.
  2. After adding an email account, go to Settings> Mail> Accounts, select your account and turn on Mail, Contacts and Calendars settings.


Most common apps are available on both Android and iOS platforms. So just go to the App Store and search for the app to install it.

If you need help transferring your content to the new iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, please leave a comment below and we’ll be happy to help you resolve the issue.


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