Touch ID is badly needed now and Apple is late

Touch ID is badly needed now and Apple is late

They say that iPhone 13 (12s) will have Touch ID under the screen,… it was about time. Sorry to say, Manzana, you’re late … most phones with Android, or with HarmonyOS, they already have it … all the high-end ones have it, except the iPhone.

Touch ID on iPhone screen (Image:

It is true that when Manzana implants something in their devices does it better than anyone and with great technique, but the Touch ID it is costing you. It has focused on the Face ID and sometimes this is not the time.

We are in a rare, very rare time. We wear a mask most of the day and our iPhone does not recognize us and since we think of putting on some glasses or accessories to alleviate the heat … I think the Touch ID should have been implemented in the iPhone 12 (and its variants), just like it is in the iPad Air 4. On the power / lock button, it would not have been out of place on the normal models and under the screen on the Pro.

I’m sure they didn’t put it up because of the pandemic. They did not have time to test the technology they had (no, if the one who does not console himself, it is because he does not want to …)

iPhone 13 (12s) with Touch ID and various feelings:

The next iPhone, those who Manzana will present in September, they will have Touch ID under the screen … hopefully. But the truth is that Manzana It is already late, it will not be a great excitement to see it, really.

The rumors say that Manzana wants to develop a screen in which to put him TouchID to all, not only to the lower one, as all phones currently have … Well, I want / need, TouchID somewhere on the phone.

It is true that the more technology the better, but next year I do not know if I will need that, in the iPhone 12 (Pro Y Mini, in my case), yes. I am not able to understand that my iPad I can use it on the street and to pay and my phone has to enter the code if I am away from home, because with the mask it does not recognize me….

I don’t know what you think, but I’d love to know. Tell me and so we are in contact.


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