Top downloads of the week in the world’s most important App Stores

Top downloads of the week in the world's most important App Stores

The weekly compilation arrives where we review the most downloaded apps of the week, in iPhone Y iPad, Worldwide.

Top App Store downloads

These are the most downloaded apps worldwide, in the App Store most influential in the world. We have selected the most outstanding ones. Surely some of them you do not know and it will come with pearls.

Again it is among the most downloaded, Avatarify. It is now more than 2 weeks that it is in the Top 5 of the top downloads of many of the countries on the planet. Something will have this app that has half the world hooked.

After making this deserved mention, we show you the most outstanding of the week …

Most downloaded iPhone apps of the week:

Here we publish the most downloaded apps between the March 1 and 7, 2021, in iOS.

MyHeritage [Gratis]:

MyHeritage ScreenshotsMyHeritage Screenshots

MyHeritage screenshots

The fashion app of the moment. With it you can get to know what our roots are, generate our genealogical tree and, for what people are using it the most, improve the quality and animate old photographs. If you are interested in knowing how it works, click on the following link and, also, access from it to download the application.

MyHeritage App

Apocalypse Inc. [2,29 €]:

The game of the world apocalypse

The World Apocalypse Game

The moment of the apocalypse has come. Decide the fate of the planet. Our goal is to destroy all of humanity in hundreds of different ways. The game contains the ability to create an apocalypse in different moments of humanity on 14 scenarios.

Download Apocalypse

Deep Clean Inc. 3D [Gratis]:

Cleaning game for iPhone

Cleaning game for iPhone

Simple and addictive game in which we must be part of Deep Clean Inc. and start making dirty objects clean and shiny enough to satisfy their customers. A vice.

Download Deep Clean

Da Vinci Eye: AR Art Projector:

Drawing app for iPhone

Drawing app for iPhone

Thousands of people who love painting and drawing use Da Vinci Eye to do amazing jobs. The app is not just for drawing, but it offers a wide variety of drawing tools, lessons, daily drawing examples, and a supportive community to share your work.

Download Da Vinci Eye

Charging play:

This great app reappears that allows us change the loading animation of our iPhone. We leave you the youtube video in which we explain how to give a more personal touch to the loading screen of your device.

App Charging play

We hope we have discovered an app that you liked and that has come to you with pearls, at least, to better spend the week, the month or even the year.

Greetings and see you in the next article.


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