Top 7 Freemium PDF editors for Windows 10

Top 7 Freemium PDF editors for Windows 10

The majority of people who work in the office seek advice to be productive while working from home. While you can create a near-perfect office environment at home, you may not have access to some of the essential equipment such as a printer or scanner at home. And that’s where software solutions come in. With a digital scanner and PDF editors, you can create, edit and scan documents from anywhere.


We have already covered iOS compatible PDF editors. However, the overall experience is not as good as on the desktop. With a suitable PDF editor for the office, you can fill out the form, add a signature, find keywords, delete unnecessary pages, add a password and even apply a custom watermark to it.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the top seven PDF editors for Windows 10. The Windows operating system comes with a capable PDF viewer with the Microsoft Edge browser, but it’s limited to basic rotation and doodling. Most PDF editors come with the free and paid version. We will list the apps in terms of features, price, share / export options, etc. Let’s start.

1. PDFelement

PDFelement is a must for experienced users. When downloading the software, the application will take you to the home page. And, it has one of the best user interfaces for a PDF editor. The app interface is quite simple, which makes it easy for people to get started.

Pdfelement home

By default, you can choose from various options, including PDF editing, PDF creation, batch processing, PDF conversion and PDF templates. Tap on the editing PDF and import the PDF from the PC.

I like the way it preview the default PDF thumbnails and allows you to rotate or delete PDF pages from the default view. Double-tap a page to preview it, and you’ll be treated to one of the richest word-processing editors on the market.

Pdfelement 2

You can change the font style, size, color, add a comment and even add a password from the top protection menu.

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In terms of export, PDFelement has covered all scenarios. You can convert PDF to Word, PPT, text, image or even an Excel sheet. You can also add a sign and place the signature where appropriate.


PDF templates are an interesting addition. With a bunch of built-in templates, you can choose the one that suits your needs, make the necessary changes, and export a PDF. The free version is limited in terms of functions and adds a watermark when exporting a file. The Pro copy is priced at $ 129 and there is also a subscription option.

2. Soda PDF

One of the best things about Soda PDF is that you don’t need to download and install the software on the PC to use it. We can opt for a Web version more than capable of editing and creating PDFs. If you want to make some changes while on the go, you can use the web version to make changes and export the file.

Soda pdf

The web version is also full of functions. You can edit PDFs, add a signature, create a PDF from scratch or a bunch of built-in templates. I like the way it allows you to create a PDF from the web URL. It can be useful to convert web pages to PDF.

The list of functions includes the possibility of adding a watermark, adding password protection, the possibility of inserting headers and footers, the OCR function to extract text from the image and convert it to PDF, and more.

Soda pdf 2

Soda PDF goes with a subscription route. You can have the home version with the most common features at $ 48 a year.

3. Adobe Acrobat Pro

Are we talking about PDF and we forget an offer from Adobe? No chance. The company offers Adobe Acrobat Pro software, which is best if you live in an ecosystem of Adobe creative applications.


I like the way Adobe offers some of the most used PDF functions on the home screen. You can touch a PDF in the recent menu and add a comment, a signature, share it and modify it. The global editing user interface is intuitive and I didn’t find any mismatch in the options.

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Functions include the ability to add text, image, password, watermark, page organization, etc. You can save the PDF in Adobe Cloud and edit the file from any device.

Adobe 2

The software comes with a 7 day free trial and after that it costs $ 15 a month.

4. Small PDF

The small PDF is one of the solid PDF editors on the market. I like its web version. From the home page, you can edit a PDF, convert it to other formats, sign a PDF, split a PDF, etc. No need to go through hundreds of options to get things done.

Small pdf

The edit menu is simple with most basic options. You can add text, an image, add a shape and even draw in PDF format.

Here’s where it gets confusing. You cannot perform multiple actions from the same menu. You will need to go home and import the PDF to make changes.

Small pdf 2

Small PDF offers 14 days free trial and after that it costs $ 12 per month.

5. FormSwift

FormSwift is another simple free PDF editor on the web for making changes on the go. You can access the edit menu on the web and import a PDF file to add changes. If you’re a tight budget person, go for FormSwift.


Editing options cover everything from text, eraser, highlighting, image and adding a signature. There is a practical guide for each option mentioned. Unfortunately, there is no password way for PDF here. Hit the download button and you’re good to go.

6. Sejda PDF

Sejda is my favorite online PDF editor. The entire interface mimics a normal website and offers all the necessary editing options directly on the home screen.

Editing functions include regular text, link, highlighter, signature, shapes, etc. I like the form menu here. It allows you to add quick checkmarks (which are usually needed to fill out the form) and interactive fields. A well thought out addition to the business.

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Sejda 2

Tap Apply Changes and from the next screen you can merge, edit, compress, delete and split the pages before sharing them by email or any other social network. Click Download and you can directly save the file to Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive.

Sejda 3

The software is free to use for 7 days and after that it costs $ 7.5 per month.

7. Foxit PDF

Foxit is more for business users than regular consumers. The user interface looks like old Microsoft Office applications and it seemed pretty busy to me.

The application is however complete. You can edit with different fonts, sizes, web links, bookmark, check spelling, find and replace, and even annotate an image before adding it to PDF.

Foxit pdf

I was impressed with the quick OCR function which extracts text from images in minutes. You can also protect the PDF with a password and add a signature for authentication. I appreciate the direct integration with DocuSign.

Foxit 2

Foxit PDF is available on Windows and Mac. The free version comes with 14 day trial and after that it costs $ 95 a year. You can also opt for the one-time purchase option.

Edit PDFs like a pro

As you can see from the list above, all Windows 10 PDF editors are options that can easily edit PDFs at home or on the go. If you’re in a rush, go for the web-based ones. If you are already invested in the Adobe cloud, Acrobat Pro is an appropriate option for you. And for experienced users, I advise them to consult the remaining PDF editors with 14 days of trial.


There are dedicated mobile applications for signing documents. Read the post below for our organized list of apps for signing documents on iOS and Android.

Last updated on April 17, 2020


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