Top 6 Ways To Fix Play Store Movie Download Error

Top 6 Ways To Fix Play Store Movie Download Error

5. Clear the cache and data

This is one of the routine steps that we recommend to GT users when it comes to troubleshooting Android apps. Old data and cache files can be corrupted or cause errors like the ones you face.

Open Settings and return to Manage app to find Google Play Movies & TV. Inside, tap Clear Data at the bottom of the screen and select Clear All Data.

Fixed Play Store movies not downloading error 14

You’ll need to sign in to the Google Play Movies & TV app again, so make sure you have the sign-in information ready.

Repeat the same process for Download Manager and the Google Play Services app, but only if you’re still experiencing a Play Movies & TV download error.

6. Update or downgrade / uninstall

The Play Store Movies app is preinstalled on all Android phones. You can’t uninstall it or any of the other Play apps normally. What you can do is revert to a previous version or get an update from the Play Store.

Note that downgrading to a previous version is a temporary situation because your system will automatically update the application. Open Settings> Manage app and find and open the Play Movies & TV app. Select Uninstall at the bottom of the screen. It will not uninstall but will only remove recent updates. If you have permission to uninstall it, you can still download it from the Play Store.

Fixed Play Store movies not downloading error 16

Fixed Play Store movies not downloading error 17

To update or reinstall the app, open Play Store, search for Play Movies & TV, then click Install.

Fixed Play Store movies not downloading error 18

It’s playtime

The Play Movies and TV app is pretty good and useful when you can’t wait for the movie or series to reach one of the streaming platforms. Frankly, I don’t use it much. I have a series order book on Netflix, and by the time I finish a show, there were 10 in front of me. But we all have our own way of consuming content and there is no one right way to do it.

I hope your problem is solved now. If you’ve found another way to fix the Play Movies & TV app that isn’t downloading the movie error, share it with us in the comments section below.


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Last updated Jul 5, 2020

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