Top 6 sports bands for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Sports activities, or rather any form of physical exercise, can be exhausting. Imagine getting ready to hit a home run in your Community Match, then notice the skin around your Galaxy Watch 3 smartwatch starting to tingle and itch. Bummer, right? Fortunately, you can avoid this situation with the right sports bracelet for your smartwatch.

Top best sports bands for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

In most cases, the accumulation of sweat inside the bracelet tends to leave a tingling sensation and can even cause skin irritation and rashes. Sports bands manage to avoid this, thanks to the use of breathable material.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is available in two sizes: 41mm and 45mm. Over the years, Samsung has maintained the same size for replacement bands. While a standard 20mm strap will fit the 41mm watch, a 22mm strap will fit the larger 45mm watch.

Here are our recommendations for the best sports band for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. But before that,

1. XFYELE Soft Silicone Rubber Band

XFYELE Soft Silicone Rubber Band

XFYELE Soft Silicone Rubber Band

If you want an affordable silicone bracelet, the XFYELE bracelet is for you. The flexible silicone strap makes it easy to clean and disinfect the Galaxy Watch after your workout. Several perforations allow sweat to escape easily. Plus, the standard watch buckle ensures that the watch stays on your wrist even when you’re on the go.

Note that you will need to buckle the extra length of the strap on the inside, which makes the watch a bit tight, especially when you are sweating. If this is a problem for you, it is better to move on to the next groups.

This bracelet is available in two sizes of 20mm and 22mm, and you can choose from several bright colors. All perforations are equal which contributes to the appearance of the smartwatch.

So strap on your watch, put on your headphones, and sprint.

2. Wonlex silicone watch band

W onlex silicone watch strap

W onlex silicone watch strap

The Wonlex silicone watch band is known to be soft and comfortable and is the perfect option for you if you plan to wear your watch for long periods of time. The strap is made of breathable material and the numerous perforations ensure that sweat does not accumulate under the strap. Well, the two-tone tone gives this bracelet a sporty look.

What makes it even better is that the strap is easy to change and install. All you have to do is pull the pin out, insert it into the tab, and then release the pin.

Several users have praised this bracelet on Amazon. So far, it has racked up an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon, with users rating it for its soft material and durability.

Sports bands for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 wonlex2

Sports bands for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 wonlex2

If we base ourselves on Fakespot’s estimates, around 80% of reviews are reliable and trustworthy.

Like its counterpart above, there are several color options to choose from. My favorite is the black and green option. The best part is that you can match the face of the Galaxy Watch 3 to the color of the strap. Cool, right?

3. Fintie nylon replacement strap

Fintie nylon replacement strap

Fintie nylon replacement strap

The Fintie Nylon Replacement Strap is for you if you are looking for a band that can not only keep up with your active lifestyle, but also sport a cool and funky look. One of the best things about nylon bands is that they are very flexible, which makes them perfect for people who like to stay active. It has a standard watch type buckle and two buckles to maintain the extra length of the strap.

It is also comfortable and durable. Several users have highlighted the latter in their Amazon reviews. All the holes are evenly spaced and the length can be easily adjusted between them.

Sport bracelets for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Fintie 2

Sport bracelets for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Fintie 2

The unique look of this bracelet, together with the flexibility and comfort quotient, makes it practical to wear even on regular days.

It comes in a 20mm format and fits the 41mm Galaxy Watch 3.

4. Sycreek Quick Release Strips

Sycreek Quick Release Strips

Sycreek Quick Release Strips

Another sports band for the Galaxy Watch 3 that we recommend is this one from Sycreek. It is a durable watch band and can withstand minor scratches and scuffs. Many have said a few good things about the comfort and softness of this band in Amazon’s review section. It has the standard watch buckle, and the second strap slips under the first.

The perforations are plentiful, and like the other bands on this list, it also sports a two-tone tone. At the same time, the bracelet is easier to clean. You just need to wipe it off with a clean cloth after your swimming or cycling sessions.

Sycreek bands are some of the cheapest on this list, and the cheap price means you have to compromise on one aspect or another. In this case it is the buckle as it tends to rust quickly.

5. AVOD Nylon Sport Quick Release Strips

AVOD Nylon Sport Quick Release Strips

AVOD Nylon Sport Quick Release Strips

If you swim, run, ride a bike and everything in between, you can’t go wrong with the nylon strap from AVOD. Made of quality material, it is super comfortable to wear and sturdy at the same time. The best part is that there is no steel component in this group. Instead, there are five strips of Velcro to secure the watch straps. This gives you the flexibility to adjust the bracelet according to the width of your wrist.

These nylon bands are inexpensive which means you can switch between different bands every now and then. And sometimes you can even match them with the color of your outfit.

Avon wristbands are available in many different colors and prints and are available in 20mm and 22mm sizes.

I have worn a nylon strap with my Galaxy Active 2 for about 3 months now, and trust me when I say they are much more comfortable than the original silicone or leather bands.

6. ANCOOL Sport replacement strap

ANCOOL Sport replacement strap

ANCOOL Sport replacement strap

The Ancool sports group is quite the looker. The band has small lines that cross it diagonally and give it a trendy and cool look. The best part is that the textures turn into a smooth area towards the end. Double look? Well why not? Another highlight of this bracelet is the smooth black buckle, which looks a lot cooler for the price.

Now let’s move on to the most important part: comfort. Even in the absence of perforations and holes, the bracelet is comfortable to wear. The material is breathable and does not allow sweat and dirt to collect under the strap. Now that’s a major plus I would say. And this has been backed up by several reviews on Amazon.

Sports bracelets for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 ANCool

Sports bracelets for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 ANCool

However, it is not without its share of limitations. On the one hand, even the longest lengths may be missing for some users. Additionally, the bracelet is a bit thicker, especially compared to its counterparts above.

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The original straps of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 sport a premium look. However, they are not comfortable to wear, especially if you live in a hot and humid place. In such cases, nylon tapes or perforated silicon tapes are the ideal solutions.

Check the bracelet size and the maximum bracelet length before clicking on the Buy button.


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Last updated Sep 6, 2020

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