Top 6 SD card readers for iPhone

Top 6 SD card readers for iPhone

IPhones 2020 are powerful and you can do your job without using a computer. Of course, you would need a little extra support, and that’s when your favorite accessories do their job. Who would have thought that iPhone SD card readers can be so useful? You can connect these small portable devices to your phone and move the content between the cards and your phone. It’s convenient and easy.

Top best SD card readers for i Phone

Whether it’s checking photos or videos from your digital camera’s media card or just transferring important files, these memory drives can seriously make your job easier.

We have rounded up some of the best SD card readers for iPhone. Most of these options are compatible with the UHS-I card type and work as advertised. Before continuing, you may want to check:

1. Apple Lightning to SD card reader

Compatible with: SD cards and SD card adapters

Apple Lightning to SD card reader

Apple Lightning to SD card reader

Getting out of the Apple ecosystem can be tricky. So you can still get the official Apple Lightning to SD card reader. It has a simple and compact design, which means you can easily carry it in your pocket when needed.

It has only one slot for an SD card. You can still use micro SD to SD card adapters (see SanDisk MicroSD to SD) for micro SD format memory cards.

It is a simple plug & play device. So plug your card into the reader and connect it to your iPhone or iPad. By default it supports USB 2.0 quality speeds, so we don’t want you to have high hopes with this player.

Note: If you recently upgraded your phone, you might not see the upload photos / videos prompt like it was previously. Instead, you’ll need to open the Files or Photos app and the Import option will appear on top.

2. SUNTRSI SD / Micro SD card reader

Compatible with: SD / TF cards (up to 256 GB)

SUNTRSI SD / Micro SD card reader

SUNTRSI SD / Micro SD card reader

The Suntrsi card reader looks a lot like the original card reader, but it has a lot of tricks hidden up its sleeves. Unlike the Apple branded product, this one has two slots and can accept regular SD cards and TF cards (micro SD cards). Surely enough, the white appearance of this card reader complements the look of your iPhone or iPad.

Surprisingly, this card reader also comes with a dedicated Lightning port which allows you to charge your phone while transferring between the card and your iPhone.

A large number of users appreciate the plug and play nature of this card reader with a value for money proposition. It’s priced much lower than its counterpart above and works like a charm. Plus, the small build means you can easily keep it in your pocket or in your camera pouch when not needed.

3.geekgo SD card reader

Compatible with: Micro SD / Micro SDHC / Micro SDXC / SDHC / RS-MMC / MMC Micro / SDXC

Geekgo SD card reader

Geekgo SD card reader

If you are looking for a small and compact card reader, the geekgo SD card reader is definitely worth considering. This will remind you of a typical USB drive. You can connect micro SD and SD cards without any problem. Besides the Lightning port, you’ll find two USB-A ports and one USB-C port if you want to connect it to a device other than your iPhone.

As stated earlier, it is compatible with many cards, including SDXC card types. Besides transferring photos and videos from the card directly to iPhone, you can also use it to move other media like music files and documents.

Many users liked the fact that the iPhone recognized it quickly and that the plug & play experience was quite satisfactory. That said, even this memory card reader has standard USB 2.0 ports and will support similar speeds.

4. WamGra SD card reader for iPhone

Compatible with: Standard SD and SDHC cards (up to 256 GB)

WamGra SD card reader for iPhone

WamGra SD card reader for iPhone

You should check out the WamGra card reader if you don’t have the budget to buy the official Apple reader. This one comes with a simple design and a thick wire connects the lightning port. It has a standard slot for an SD card, however, if you have a micro SD card, you can connect it via an adapter.

It supports SD cards and SDHC cards but does not support high speed cards. While the interface supports USB 2.0 speed, but at the end of the day the read and write speeds depend on the speed of the inserted memory card.

Again, it doesn’t need an app to work and is just a plug and play device.

5. SUNTRSI SD Card Camera Reader

Compatible with: SD and Micro SD cards (up to 256 GB)

SUNTRSI SD Card Camera Reader

SUNTRSI SD Card Camera Reader

Suntrsi has another card reader that you can take a quick look at. Unlike the one we mentioned above, this one offers dedicated slots for an SD card and a micro SD card. While its design is quite similar to the few options mentioned above, the presence of a thick cable connecting the Lightning port to the body of the reader is quite reassuring.

With a reasonable price tag, it works as advertised and there’s a good chance it will work well with your iPhone and iPad without breaking a sweat.

More than fifteen hundred reviews on Amazon are proof of this. People love its plug & play nature and its affordability. According to Fakespot’s estimates, around 67.5% of reviews are trusted and trusted.

6. Aibit SD card reader

Compatible with: SDXC / SDHC / SD / Ultra II SD / Micro SD / TF / Micro SDXC / Micro SDHC UHS-I card (up to 256 GB)

Aibit SD card reader

Aibit SD card reader

Perhaps one of the more affordable options on this list is the Aibit SD card reader. While the low price might worry you for a second, the card reader works as expected. This memory card reader looks like an overgrown USB stick with a slot for an SD card and a Mirco SD card. Of course, there is a Lightning port. You will also find a USB-A and USB-C connector.

Understandably, its user base has a lot of positive things to say about it in their reviews. However, you have to keep in mind that this card reader will not fit if you are using a thick case with your iPhone. Even if that’s fine with you, you might have intermittent connection issues.

So, for example, if you have an Otterbox or a Spigen case for your iPhone, you might want to reconsider that card reader.

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