Top 6 protective cases for the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Top 6 protective cases for the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

The Samsung Watch Galaxy Active 2 is a convincing smartwatch, thanks to the clever mix of smart and fitness features. From auto-tracking to listening to your favorite tunes straight from the watch, it lets you do a lot. And the digital rotating bezel makes the whole trip worthwhile. However, this design also makes this smartwatch vulnerable to bumps, scratches and bumps.

Top 6 protective cases for the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

I have had so many cases where the watch body accidentally bumps into the ends of tables and door frames and causes a mini heart attack. Fortunately, all of this can be easily avoided if you invest in a case or cover for your watch.

The advantage of most of these protective cases and shells for Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is that they are slim and preserve the slim look of the watch.

If you like, take a look at these protective cases for the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. But before that,

1. Full protective TPU case

Cut: 40 mm and 44 mm

All-around protective TPU case

Versatile TPU Protective Case

If you want your Galaxy Watch Active 2 to have different looks and colors, it’s time you took a look at this 10-pack case from Wugongyan. These cases give you the option to match the color of the watch with a similar color band, further enhancing its appearance. It wraps around the watch body, thus protecting the sides and body of the watch from damage. The case is made of TPU which makes it easy to remove / start.

The fit is great and you don’t have to worry about the watch body oscillating around the case. Since there is an extra layer on top of the watch, you may need to press harder than usual to access the various menu items.

However, you should keep in mind to remove the case and wipe down the interior after intensive workouts, as sweat and moisture tend to get stuck between the two layers.

2. Tensea screen protector and case

Cut: 44 mm

Tensea screen protector and case

Tensea screen protector and case

If you plan to change the watch case every now and then, you should take a look at Tensea’s 2 piece bumper case. Like the previous case, this case comes with a protective screen. The TPU bumper surrounds the case and protects the watch from scratches, bumps and shocks. The good thing is that all the cutouts are precise, and you won’t have any issues answering calls on your watch or responding to text messages.

It is slim and sleek and does not add bulk to the watch. And the shiny edges add to the look of the watch. All you have to do is pair it with a black group and you’ll be sorted.

It is not a waterproof case and you will see moisture retention on it, and you will have to wipe off the moisture manually. However, this is not a big request.

I have been using an Active 2 for almost a year. I wipe off all the dirt and sweat after every workout as the joints tend to cling to salt and dirt.

3. EZCO 2-Pack Screen Protector and Case

Cut: 40 mm and 44 mm

EZCO 2-Pack Screen Protector and Case

EZCO 2-Pack Screen Protector and Case

Another watch case that protects your watch from scratches and ugly marks is that of EZCO. Similar to the one above, this is a two piece case. These bumper cases are easy to put on, thanks to the flexible TPU material, and you can do so without removing the watch. They stay put and have a solid construction.

The fit is good, and the good thing is that digital glasses work like a charm, even with the case on.

Top 6 protective cases for Samsung Galaxy Watch Active ezco 2

Top 6 protective cases for Samsung Galaxy Watch Active ezco 2

The only downside is that it adds a slight bulk to the smartwatch, and you might want to take that into account, especially if you have small wrists.

Here again, the usual rules apply. You will need to wipe away sweat and moisture from under the screen.

This case has been well received by many users. It has managed to rack up an average rating of 4.5 stars out of over 1,500 Amazon reviews. If we were to rely on Fakespot’s estimates, there are around 90% quality reviews.

4. Box of 3 MENEEA pieces

Cut: 40 mm

Meneea 3-Pack Box

Meneea 3-Pack Box

The Meneea 3-Pack case is for you if you don’t want to go overboard with colors. These are available in three variations: black, silver and transparent. Installation is quick and easy, and everything you need to secure them from above.

It fits like a glove and you don’t have to worry about losing the sleek design of the watch in favor of the case. However, the sides tend to get scratched a bit too easily. Considering the price and the fact that you have two more backups, this is a slightly better deal. In addition, it does not break and does its best to protect the watch body from any shape

Like most cases on this list, you won’t have to remove the case to charge the Galaxy Watch Active 2. You also won’t have to unhook the straps to put the case on.

5. Ringke Sport Sport case

Cut: 44 mm

Ringke Air Sport Case

Ringke Air Sport Case

In recent years, Ringke has gained a good reputation for its transparent cases for flagship products like the Galaxy Note 20 or the OnePlus 8. Their cases are well made and durable. The Ringke Air Sport case is no exception. It is thin, elegant and wraps the body of the watch beautifully. Most importantly, it maintains the premium appearance of the watch.

One major difference between this one and the cases above is that it doesn’t have a screen protector. On the contrary, the case has raised bezels along the edges, which protects the screen from scratches.

The buttons are covered with the same material and there is a good chance that you will not feel any loss of feedback when pressed. The same goes for the digital rotating bezel, and this has been supported by several users.

Again, the same rule of cleaning up moisture and other debris holds true. You will need to clean and wipe down the case from time to time.

It is available in two variants: black and transparent

6. Spigen Liquid Air Armor

Cut: 44 mm

Spigen Liquid Air Armor

Spigen Liquid Air Armor

Another name that is very popular in cases and covers the industry is Spigen. Spigen covers are both durable and stylish. This is also true of the Liquid Air Armor case for the Galaxy Watch Active 2. This is a low profile case that protects the watch body from normal wear and tear. At the same time, the case has the cutouts in the right places so as not to interfere with the functionality of the watch.

Like its counterpart above, it’s easy to remove / put back on. Although the buttons are covered, the feedback is not lost between the watch and the cover.

The reception of this deal has been so good so far that it has received an average rating of 4.6 stars out of the two thousand reviews on Amazon. Fakespot estimates that around 90% of these reviews are trustworthy and reliable.

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To wrap up!

With a blanket on top, you can put aside the worry of any damage to your Active. These are light and thin cases, and chances are they will last you a long time.

Note that they won’t help you much if you are working with heavy machinery or staying near a machine. In such cases, you can check out the Unicorn Beetle Pro series from Supcase. This one is a sturdy blanket and is much stronger than some of the cases mentioned above. The only problem is that you will have to sacrifice the slim profile of your smartwatch.


Third-party applications on your Samsung Galaxy Active 2 will help you maximize the potential of your smartwatch. See the following article for instructions on how to install apps on the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.

Last updated Sep 15, 2020

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