Top 6 leather case for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

Top 6 leather case for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

It goes without saying that leather cases provide a graceful and elegant look to smartphones, and the new iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 are no different. With the right case by your side, your phone’s premium quotient is increased many times over. However, this year Apple stopped offering the hard leather case, at least for now. There are many quality third-party leather cases available for the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12.

Best leather case for i Phone 12 and i Phone 12 Pro

Besides enhancing the look of your phone, these cases also protect your phone from potential scratches and scuffs. To add to that, some of these cases even let you carry cash and credit cards. So yes, you can leave your big wallet at home for small errands. Cool, right?

In addition, the quality leather cases age gracefully over time and the effects give the case a vintage and unique look over time. Whatever you need to do to create beautiful home screen widgets (see best iPhone apps with useful widgets) and you will have a stylish look inside and out. Sounds like a good deal, right?

So what are we waiting for? Here are our recommendations for the best leather cases for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. Let’s take a look.

1. Cyrill leather brick

Cyrill leather brick

Cyrill leather brick

It’s no secret that leather cases cost a ton, but comparatively, Cyrill Leather Brick is quite affordable. It’s a simple case with a polycarbonate back and a TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) bumper. And that’s the polycarbonate back, which has a textured layer of the synthetic layer on top of it. While the leather accentuates the appearance, the polycarbonate material helps protect your phone in the event of a drop or drop.

Like most conventional silicone cases, the TPU bumper helps to better grip the phone while withstanding the impacts of drops.

The cuts are precise and precise. The frames are raised near the edges of the rear camera. Not only does this help keep the camera lens free from scratches, but it also helps keep the phone stable when placed on its back. In addition, this case comes with complementary button covers.

But at the end of the day, the affordable price means you’ll have to forgo the rich look that’s typically associated with older crates.

2. ESR Premium Genuine Leather Case

ESR Premium Genuine Leather Case

ESR Premium Genuine Leather Case

If you want a truly functional case without burning a hole in your pocket, you can’t go wrong with the ESR Premium Genuine Leather Case. For the price, the feel of the leather is quite premium. In fact, the manufacturers claim that it is genuine leather. It has all the frills associated with leather cases, like fingerprint resistance and a textured grip. At the same time, the case is light and thin, and a few users have supported it in the reviews on Amazon.

Aside from the above, this leather case has the added benefit of metal button covers. This means your comments don’t get lost between the phone and your fingers. In short, they offer tactile feedback.

Again, you’ll find the usual options like the raised bezels and precise cutouts for the alert slider, charging port, and speakers. Unfortunately, you cannot keep any bills or cards in this case.

3. Rugged Nomad housing

Rugged Nomad housing

Rugged Nomad housing

Nomad has been a long-standing name when it comes to genuine leather cases for flagship phones. One of the things that sets it apart from the rest is its simple, minimalist look. All you have to do is plug it into the phone, and that’s about it. Here, the back is in vegetable leather, while the shell is in polycarbonate. At the same time, the TPU bumper makes it easier to put on the case and protect it from damaging drops and drops.

And it’s not just beauty and elegance that defines the Nomad case. And the story does not end there. For starters, the TPU bumpers help deflect bumps, and if we were to stick to Nomad’s claims, it could protect against drops up to 10 feet. In addition, the raised bezel on the edges and the camera module protect the screen from scratches.

Like most cases, there are button covers for the volume rockers and the power button.

Cool fact: Nomad sources its leather from the Horween tannery. The Horween Tannery is based in Chicago and is one of the oldest in the United States

4. Alto Metro leather wallet case

Alto Metro leather wallet case

Alto Metro leather wallet case

If you’re looking for a leather case that doubles as a wallet, you should take a look at the Alto Metro case. First of all, these cases have a different look, thanks to its unique combination of two-tone leather. Secondly, it has a little slit on the back and you can double it as a wallet when needed.

Unlike most cases on this list, there’s a sleek fit near the volume rockers and power buttons. In addition, the bottom of the phone is almost fully exposed. While this design gives you free access to buttons, alert slider, and ports, it cuts down on protection capabilities by a few times.

If you’re okay with mid-range protection for getting unhindered tactile button feedback, you’re good to go.

It is made of genuine leather and you will see the case wear and fade with age. But if you ask me, aging adds its share of elegance.

5. OtterBox Strada

OtterBox Strada

OtterBox Strada

The OtterBox Strada is for you if you don’t want to compromise on the security of your phone, and at the same time, don’t want to settle for something dull and current. Although this is a leather case, you will get all the essentials such as military grade protection (Drop +) for the corners, a lightweight design, and slots to keep your cash and cards.

The best part about folio cases is that the phone screen remains free from scratches and scratch marks. However, you should keep in mind not to overcrowd the front pockets with too many cards.

Although the case comes with buttons, it lacks the tactile feedback associated with the original buttons. This is a point that you might want to take into account when purchasing this leather case for your iPhone.

6. Apple Leather Wallet with MagSafe

Apple Leather Wallet with MagSafe

Apple Leather Wallet with MagSafe

Do you want to flaunt your iPhone’s awesome red or cool blue, but want the benefits of a leather case without the bulk? If so, you might want to check out the Apple Leather Wallet. This one is a MagSafe compatible case, which means the case will stick to the back of your iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 without any additional support. This way you can carry cash or cards minus the fat. And since this wallet sticks to the bottom of the phone, you will be able to display your phone’s original color in all its glory.

However, the Apple Leather Wallet is not a case in the strict sense of the word and will not protect your phone in any way. However, you can pair it with an Apple MagSafe compatible silicone case and get started. This way you will get the best of both worlds.

The only problem you might face is the high price tag associated with both cases. An Apple-branded silicone case costs around $ 49, while the leather wallet costs around $ 59.

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