Top 5 Xender alternatives for iOS and Android

Top 5 Xender alternatives for iOS and Android

File sharing applications have seen an increase in usage in recent times. Not everyone is comfortable sharing files on cloud storage solutions or using transfer services like Firefox Send, Dropbox Transfer or WeTransfer. These software solutions require a constant Internet connection and can be time consuming. File sharing applications use Wi-Fi Direct which transfers files at a fast rate without using data or the Internet. Xender is one of the most popular apps to get things done. But a user can be overwhelmed by the dozens of options offered by the application. In addition, it is always advisable to check the competition from time to time.

After Xender’s growing popularity, Google added an option to share files seamlessly in the Files Go app. We also saw many file managers incorporating file sharing to offer more to users.

In this article, we will talk about the five best Xender alternatives for iPhone and Android. They will include cross-platform options as well as applications exclusive to iOS or Android OS.

1. Zapya

Zapya is Xender’s closest rival in terms of looks and functionality. The application uses the standard bottom bar to access files and start the connection. Use the bar too to switch between different files such as Photos, Videos, Audio, etc. You can also search for local files using the search bar.

Zapya home

Zapya share

Zapya offers several options for connecting to other phones. You can create a group, join a group, use QR code sharing or choose the Share function to connect. The transfer speeds are around 10 Mbps, which is identical to Xender since they both use Wi-Fi sharing.

Zapya also offers phone replication, which transfers all the content from the old phone to the new one. My only problem with Zapya is the large amount of ads and recommendation videos on the home screen. It ruins the experience.

Zapya phone replica

Zapya Ads

Zapya is free and available on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Web.

2. Send anywhere

I like the direct approach of Send Anywhere compared to Xender. It clearly shows recently installed apps, files, media, photos and videos in a drop-down menu on the home screen. Simply select the relevant items, the application will display the number of files as well as the size and press the send button.

Send anywhere

Send the code anywhere

Many Xender users experience connection problems because the application provides a somewhat complex user experience. Sending anywhere changes that with a simple 6-digit key for a successful connection. After selecting the files, you can press the send button and the application will generate a 6-digit code which expires in ten minutes. Share this code with other users and you get a successful connection.

Send anywhere on the web

The Send Anywhere website offers a simple user interface. Just add an entry key and you’re good to go. Send Anywhere is available on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Web and even Linux. The company also offers the service as an extension on popular browsers such as Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

3. ShareMe

ShareMe is a service developed by Xiaomi, the world’s fourth largest smartphone manufacturer. The main options are at the top with two huge send and receive buttons at the bottom. At first glance, users may also mistake it for Xender.

You can select the media files and just press the Send button at the bottom. The app will ask you to scan the QR code for another user’s phone app and start transferring files.

Shareme application sharing

Share the shareme folder

You can also select Albums and send all albums wherever you are. Xiaomi also allows you to display hidden files. Similar to Xender Web, ShareMe supports the Web version. It makes transferring files from Mac or PC to mobile quick and easy.

ShareMe is only available on Android. And the good news is that it is free from all types of advertising, which is rare these days.

Share files on the go

The five options are capable of transferring files from one device to another without using the Internet or Wi-Fi. If you are looking for cross-platform alternatives, choose Zapya or Send Anywhere. Android users should opt for ShareMe or Files Go. IPhone / PC users will certainly appreciate the Documents file management application for transferring files.


SHAREit is also an application capable of transferring files. Read the post below to find its comparison with Xender and choose a better app for you.

Last updated on June 26, 2020

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