Top 5 new iPhone apps of the week

Top 5 new iPhone apps of the week

We share with you the new apps most interesting arrivals at the App Store, during this last week.

New apps

New apps

Thursday, Ecuador of the week and … what better time than this to publicize the New applications that have reached the app store of Manzana? We have just reviewed the new releases of the week and we bring you the best we have seen.

This week we bring you a selection that has everything. Games, new customer of Twitter, relaxing sounds app … for you to try. The same improve some that you have in your iPhone or iPad.

Most interesting new iPhone apps of the week:

These are the most outstanding premieres of the App Store, published between the May 21 and 28, 2020.

Learn Math Facts:

Math AppMath App

Math app

Ideal for students who want to practice mathematical operations. This app helps them learn basic operations, develop fluency and gain confidence. Challenge yourself with this mathematical calculation game.

Download Learn Math Facts

Neptune for Twitter:

Interesting Twitter clientInteresting Twitter client

Interesting Twitter client

This application allows you to take control of your Timeline of Twitter with filters. Prevent you from being bombarded with random trends or tweets that you’re tired of seeing.

Download Neptune for Twitter


Ambient sounds app for iPhoneAmbient sounds app for iPhone

Ambient sounds app for iPhone

Whether we are working in a cafeteria, in the midst of strangers, or walking down a crowded street, people make up the ambient soundtrack of our lives. Concentration is hard with the absence of sound. Ambients reintroduce the silent, persistent background noise of the world with audio tracks meant to calm without distraction.

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Download Ambients

Super Fowlst 2:

Super Fowlst 2 for iOSSuper Fowlst 2 for iOS

Super Fowlst 2 for iOS

Fowlst He returns in a new adventure that consists of crushing the bad guys, avoiding danger and getting rich. There are tons of new power-ups, new abilities, and an army of new enemies. Great game to spend distracted moments.

Download Super Fowlst 2

Bullet Echo:

Play as a team in Bullet EchoPlay as a team in Bullet Echo

Play as a team in Bullet Echo

App with several game modes: Team vs. Team, Solitaire and an all-against-all Battle Royale mode with 5 small teams on the map. A GAME that we encourage you to download.

Download Bullet Echo

We hope you have been interested in these releases and you know, next week we will return with new apps.



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