Top 5 meditation apps for iOS and Android

Top 5 meditation apps for iOS and Android

During your busy days, it is advisable to take a break from your work to have a good time with yourself. Especially, lately, when we are do things from home because of the coronavirus epidemic or any other emergency. Among all the chaos at home and the noise of the kitchen, it is essential to keep the mind free of stress and bring positive energy with meditation and yoga.


So how do we get there with a closed environment? The answer is simple. Use mobile apps. The Apple App Store and Google Play Store are filled with meditation apps that help you calm down.

We have selected the top five meditation apps for iOS and Android. We will list meditation-oriented apps as well as software solutions with more functions like weight loss tips, podcasts, etc. Let’s start.

1. Calm

Calm is the best meditation app. When you register, the application will take you to the beautiful home page with sounds and a nature background.

By swiping your finger down, it presents different session categories by fitness, sleep stories, meditations, and calm music. Calm offers one of the richest meditation and sleep libraries on the market. The sleep menu is carefully divided into different categories, such as children, nature, non-fiction, maps, etc.

Quiet house

Quiet reader

The meditation tab is also classified in different menus. You can choose from sections like stress, personal care, inner peace, focus, emotions, etc.

Calm collaborated with world-renowned experts for the life-changing masterclass. You can find them in the settings menu.

Other features include the natural music add-on, Apple Health integration to export conscious minutes data, the ability to customize the home page with beautiful wallpapers, support for Siri shortcuts, etc.

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My favorite of the group is breathing exercises. I use it all the time. Long press the app icon, select the breath, set the timer and start breathing.

Calm breathe

Quiet specifications

Calm is free to download, but most of the features are premium, which costs $ 70 a year.

2. Headspace

Headspace is the combination of a thoughtful user interface with the right elements in the right place. New users may find the home page confusing, however. There’s too much.

The sleep tab turns into a purple theme, and I liked that. You can choose from ready-to-use sleep sessions with relaxing music. You can select the sleep radio (a mixture of 8-hour sleep audio), the soundscape (3D recording of the most beautiful places in the world), slowdowns, and more.

Headspcae home

Sleep headspace

Headspace has integrated an integrated exercise with video tutorials. You can do quick workouts, cardio, and stress-relieving exercises.

The Explore tab is well ranked. Headspace has done a good job in matching activity sessions in life challenges, sports, studies, performance mindset, work, personal growth and more. There is something for everyone.

The list of functions includes support for Siri shortcuts, detailed session statistics, Apple Health integration, social sharing, etc.

Headspace meditation

Parameters Headspcae

Unfortunately, the iOS widgets and the 3D Touch menu are missing from the application icon. Headspace is free to download, but most of the features are locked under the premium tag. Pay $ 100 a year to unlock them (price varies by region).

3. Simple dress

The simple habit brings a calm and relaxed user interface compared to the radical and whimsical ones of Calm and Headspace.

The home page is adapted to the user’s activity, followed by sessions in the application. For beginners, it gives you the starter pack and makes you aware of mindfulness, bodily activities, wandering mind, etc.

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Single house

Simple meditation

The meditation section is fabulous. Unlike dozens of categories, it gives a brief idea of ​​the session from the title. You can browse concentration sessions, build relationships, coronavirus anxiety, get expert help, family, love, etc.

My favorite function is the driving mode. You can listen to relaxing sounds, well-known interviews to develop habits, motivational discussions, life coaching sessions, etc. It is useful for those who drive long journeys alone.

Simple podcast

Simple standby

I like the way Simple Habit showcases comments from community members. Reading them helps boost morale in difficult situations. The application supports integration of Apple health, dedicated statistics, sleep sessions, etc.

Simple Habit is free for a few sessions. After that, it costs $ 100 a year.

4. Castbox

If you’re not sure about your meditation trip and just want to test the waters without being loaded with a bomb, then start using the Castbox app.

As the name suggests, the application is mainly a podcast application with additional module in Zen mode. You will not have these rich sessions, training sessions and expert interviews. Instead, it focuses on different backgrounds and a combination of nature sounds.


Zen castbox

Go to the library, open Zen mode, which is designed to meditate, focus and sleep better. You can choose from different packs that change the background and sounds. Tap the filter button below and customize it from the variety of nature sounds.

Apart from that, Castbox offers excellent podcast features with social integration, personalized suggestions, creation tools, etc. The app has earned its place in our best podcast apps listing.

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Castboox zen 2

Zen castbox 4

Castbox is free to use. Premium features in the podcast category cost $ 20 per year. However, the Zen mode reminds completely free to use.

5. Oak

If you’re tired of expensive subscription-based meditation apps, oak is a dignified look for its simplicity and affordability.

The home page shows the meditation, breathing and sleep sessions. Unlike other applications, it will not launch hundreds of sessions to the user. Instead, the app prompts users to try small sessions, and only after the completion of one milestone, it unlocks the next in settings.

Oak house

Oak course

You can also opt for more comprehensive meditation courses. I like the way Oak presents live community stats as well as your growth in the settings menu.

The application offers Apple Health integration to move data. However, it lacks features such as the iOS widget, the 3D Touch menu and Siri shortcuts.

Oak stats

Oak reader

Sit back and relax

Everyone on this list app has a unique ability. The calm is pleasant to watch, Headspace has excellent training integration and an excellent driving mode. Simple Habit nailed down the driving mode. Castbox and Oak are ideal for beginners. Now it’s up to you to try them out and choose the best one that suits your routine.


Are you wrong between Headspace and Calm? Read the dedicated comparison between the two in the post below.

Last updated: April 1, 2020


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