Top 5 iCloud iPhone Keychain Alternatives

Top 5 iCloud iPhone Keychain Alternatives

Apple often garners praise for a seamless software and service experience among its line of hardware. One of these features is a ICloud keychain password manager. All of your added passwords are synced across Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac. But there are a few issues with the iCloud keychain. Let me explain why.

Password manager

First, the feature is only available on Apple devices. This means that if you plan to migrate to Android or Windows, there is no way to move the password data with you. Setting up a new database in another password manager can be a headache.

And second, similar to other Apple services like Apple recall and Apple Mail rivals, the iCloud Keychain alternatives from the App Store are better in terms of functions and overall implementation. That, coupled with opening Apple to allow third-party password managers as the default auto-fill option, makes the experience better than ever.

The Apple App Store is packed with various third-party password managers. We have selected five best options from among them. In this article, we will talk about their features, cross-platform availability, price, security, etc. Let’s start.

1. Enpass

The Enpass password manager has become a well-known alternative to most of its rivals. The greatest strength of software is security. Unlike other password managers, it will not store user data on their servers. It allows the user to save data offline or on their choice of cloud storage.

After registering, the app will take you home by default, allowing you to create entries for login, credit card, notes, bank account, insurance policy, etc.

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Enpass home

Enpass add

In the Group tab, you can add categories and tags to each entry. My favorite feature is integrated auditing. Enpass identifies and provides you with a detailed report on weak, identical, repeated and old passwords in the vault.

The application supports Dark theme iOS 13, and can be set as the default auto-fill option in the settings. Apart from that, Enpass also offers TOTP (Time-based One-Time Password), Apple Watch support, multiple safes function, built-in browser, etc.

Enpass cloud

Enpass audit

Enpass was once a one-time purchase, but the company recently moved to subscription model. It now costs $ 1 per month to be used on all devices. Supported platforms are Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and even Linux.


1Password offers tons of ready-to-use features. This has made the service popular with consumers as well as in the corporate sector. Apple recently deployed 1Password among its 123,000 employees.

The app has one of the best user interfaces available. I like the white / blue theme with careful iconography and a dark theme support.

1 homoe password

1password home

With 1Password, you can create several safes, share safes with family members, generate OTP from the default authenticator, attach a file in an entry, support Apple Watch and, above all, it is available on all platforms and supports major browsers via extensions.

In terms of security, you can use biometric authentication, opt for an integrated browser for a secure connection and the service offers AES-GCM-256 authenticated encryption.

1 password has

1password add

1Password costs $ 3 per month for personal use. You can upgrade to $ 5 / month for a family plan, which allows you to share the service with up to five members, reducing the cost to $ 1 / month per user.

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5. Firefox Lockwise

Firefox has added useful add-ons such as Firefox Send and Firefox Lockwise in addition to its browser offering. Send Firefox allows you to send up to 2.5 GB of file while Lockwise is a cross-platform password manager built into the browser.

The process is simple. Each time you add login information to a website in the Firefox browser, the service adds data entry to the Lockwise manager. It is free and syncs seamlessly with the Firefox account.

Firefox home

Firefox adds

The service makes perfect sense for those looking for a secure and free alternative to the iCloud keychain. Firefox has done a good job with mobile apps. Now it won’t have all the bells and whistles of LastPass or Enpass, but the app does the job with biometric security, the autofill connection and the built-in browser.

It’s time to switch from the iCloud keychain

All options are capable alternatives to the iCloud keychain on the iPhone. Enpass is packed with features, LastPass and 1Password offer more flexibility with family plans, SafeInCloud is cheaper, while Firefox Lockwise is the perfect choice for Firefox users. Which would you choose? Share your comments and experiences in the comments section below.


Are you wrong between Enpass and SafeInCloud? Read the comparison below to make the best choice.

Last updated April 6, 2020


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