Top 5 FOOTBALL GAMES for iPhone and iPad [2021]

Top 5 FOOTBALL GAMES for iPhone and iPad [2021]

We bring you all five best soccer games that you can install on your iPhone and iPad. If you are a fan of football simulators or coaching games or card games… you are in luck, we name you the best in each of these modalities.

Soccer games for iPhone and iPad

If you are a lover of the beautiful sport, surely you will have in your iPhone or iPad some soccer games, right ?. We do not doubt that it is one of the best in the App Store, but given our experience and the love we have for this type of games, we are going to tell you the ones that, for us, are the best that we have tested on our devices iOS.

Among soccer game lovers there are several types of users. Those who like simulators, lovers of coach games, fans of retro games, those who love card games and those who are addicted to simple one-touch games.

Surely you would place yourself in one of these groups and, therefore, we are going to mention the best in each of these game modes.

Best soccer games for iPhone:

We are going to name the games in this order: Best Simulator, Best Trainer Game, Best Retro Game, Best Card Game, and Best Tap Game.

FIFA Soccer [Gratis]:

Fifa 2021 for iPhone

Fifa 2021 for iPhone

For us it is, without a doubt, the best soccer simulator of the App Store. We have tried many, such as the PES, but there is no color. FIFA is the best. So if you are looking for a game in which to enjoy the magic of football on the screen of your device iOS, do not hesitate. Download FIFA.

Download FIFA

Football Manager 2021 Mobile [9,99 €]:

Football Manager 2021 screenshot

Football Manager 2021 screenshot

For us it is best soccer coach game on the entire App Store. Every year we buy and play it and, the truth is, it is quite a vice. If you like to sign, sell, execute your tactics, control the economy of your club, take your team to the top… this is, without a doubt, a game that you must download. Despite being somewhat expensive, it is well worth it if you like manager games.

Download Football Manager 2021

SSC 2020 [Gratis]:

iPhone game reminiscent of Sensible Soccer

IPhone game reminiscent of Sensible Soccer

If you are already of an age and you like games of the beautiful sport, surely in your childhood you played the famous Sensible Soccer. If so, this game will remind you a lot of him, because it is an adaptation almost traced to that classic soccer game. SSC 2020 it’s a simple retro football simulator that we recommend you try.

Download SSC 2020

Top Eleven: Soccer Manager [Gratis]:

Free soccer manager for iPhone

Free football manager for iPhone

This is the most played free coaching game in the world. An application that allows you to direct, manage, train … your team to make it the best in the world. Without a doubt, if you like Manager games, you should try it.

Download Top Eleven

Score! Hero, one of the funniest soccer games on the App Store [Gratis]:

Hilarious soccer game for iPhone

Hilarious soccer game for iPhone

Score! Hero is undoubtedly is the best tap game based on soccer world. Played by millions and millions of people throughout the world, you see yourself surpassing levels by completing great passes and scoring historic goals simply by tapping on your screen. iPhone me iPad.

Download Score! Hero

We hope you liked the selection and you agree with us in choosing these top five. If you think there is a game missing among them, we encourage you to share it with our entire community through the comments of this article.

A greeting.


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