Top 2 ways to add music to Samsung Active 2 connected watch

If you bought a Samsung Galaxy Active 2, you may be familiar with its features. From measuring your heart rate and counting calories expended to responding to important messages, this smart watch lets you do a lot. Another cool feature is its ability to play music. Yes, the Galaxy Active 2 also doubles as a mini music player so you don’t have to carry your phone.

The Samsung Galaxy smartwatch can play music directly through the speakers, or you can connect a pair of quality Bluetooth wireless headphones to it. Either way, it relieves you of the hassle of wearing a smart watch every time you hit the gym.

The watch allows you to add music offline and its 4 GB memory can store up to 200 songs. Cool, right? And the story does not end there. Spotify Premium members can stream songs directly from Spotify playlists.

So let’s see how to add songs to the Samsung Galaxy Active 2 smart watch.

How to add offline songs to Galaxy Active 2

While adding your favorite songs offline to your Galaxy Active 2 is always a good option, you should know that the transfer takes place via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. So if you have to move a lot of songs, chances are it will take a long time.

On the upside, the process takes place in the background. As long as the watch and the phone are connected, you can do your work on your phone as usual.

Now that we’ve set it up, let’s see how to add offline songs to the watch.

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Step 1: Open the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app on your phone and select Add content to your watch> Add tracks.

2nd step: This will open your phone’s music collection. Select the ones you need on your watch and tap Done.

All you have to do is wait for the transfer to finish. Soon you will have a mini music player on your hands.

After that, you can play songs directly on the watch. Then you need to pair your headphones and immerse yourself in the world of music.

There’s also an automatic sync option that you can choose if you want your smartwatch and your smartphone’s music collection to stay in sync. After all, you wouldn’t want to repeat the process over and over, right?

Did you know: You can also send images from your phone to your watch.

But, you can only store a finite number of songs offline. Fortunately, the Galaxy Active 2 also allows you to stream songs from services such as Spotify.

So if you have a premium account, here’s how to do it.

How to add Spotify Premium to Samsung Active 2 watch

Step 1: Open the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone and tap the Discover tab at the bottom. By clicking the Show more button, you access the Galaxy Store.

Here, find Spotify and click the Install button. At this point, make sure to keep Active 2 and your phone nearby.

2nd step: Then wake up your watch and access the Spotify app and press the Pair button on the watch phone.

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This will open the Spotify page on your phone so you can sign in.

Step 3: Once your Spotify credentials are validated, you will be able to access Spotify on your Galaxy Watch. Yes, as simple as that.

On Samsung phones, the app will directly open the Link to your account page if you already have the Spotify app on your phone. This will save you the hassle of entering and validating your credentials.

Spotify on your Galaxy Active 2 will give you the ability to play your recently played songs. But what makes the app worth its price is that you can access all of your playlists.

Yes, unlike the agreement with offline songs, you don’t have to worry about creating playlists and then downloading them.

Step 4: To access your Spotify playlist, go to Your Music> Your Playlists and tap one of the lists to play your favorite songs.

At the same time, you can also download your favorite playlists for online listening, and that may be one of the best features.

To do this, open a playlist, swipe up and flip the download switch. As you guessed correctly, this action will download all the songs from the playlist to your watch. Neat, right?

As we mentioned above, make sure your phone is connected to the internet and the watch is connected to your phone during the download.

Musical tracks

Now all you need is a pair of quality wireless headphones (check Jabra Elite 75t) with your Samsung Galaxy Active 2, and you can say goodbye to your phone when you go or for rides and errands – even if it is in your garden or on the terrace. And the easy music controls help soften the chord. Just make sure to keep the music widget at the top of your widget list so it’s easy to control.

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Speaking of headphones, here’s a quick comparison between the Samsung Buds and the Jabra Elite 75t. Read the following article to find all the differences and common features.

Last updated on April 29, 2020

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