Top 11 Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts For Using It Like A Pro

Top 11 Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts For Using It Like A Pro

The zoom does not need to be presented when making video calls. Large organizations and businesses are moving to digital meetings and conferences via Zoom and many are still using them. Skype or Google Hangouts. Although Zoom is the most popular property right now, it seems wise to learn a few Zoom keyboard shortcuts to speed up your progress.

Zoom increased from ten million daily users in December of last year to two hundred million in just four months. It is the default choice for many to organize large meetings without hassle. Of course, the popularity of Zoom’s zooms has also raised concerns regarding the security and confidentiality of data shared via video calls.

There are many reasons for the growing popularity of the software. Zoom offers an easy-to-use interface, quick join, virtual background, screen sharing, screen recording, and more. The application offers a bunch of keyboard shortcuts for browsing settings and options.

In this article, we are going to talk about the eleven (11) best Zoom keyboard shortcuts for Windows PC and Mac. Let’s start.

1. Join the meeting

It is a must for everyone. With the Join Meeting shortcut, you can quickly join a meeting from any application interface. You can use the command + J on macOS or Alt + J for Windows to join a meeting in progress. Use the shortcut, add an invitation link, and join the meeting.

2. Invite someone

During a call, you may want to invite someone to the current meeting. Instead of pressing small buttons, you can simply use the keyboard shortcut to invite participants to the call. Hit Command + T for macOS or Alt + T for Windows to open the invitation screen and enter the participant’s email or copy the call URL.

3. Start / stop screen sharing

Zoom comes with a screen sharing function, which users can use to share the screen with participants. This is useful when you want to explain something to the participants. You can either press the share screen button at the bottom, or use the keyboard shortcut Shift + Command + S on macOS or Alt + S on Windows. To share the screen, you can also use the same shortcut to stop sharing.

4. Interrupt / resume screen sharing

During screen sharing, you may want to interrupt the process a bit. The reason could be anything from minor to personal interference. You can move the cursor over the pause button or use the Shift ⇧ + command Keyboard shortcut + T for macOS or Alt + T for Windows. Use the same shortcut to resume screen sharing.

5. Raise your hand

The free Zoom plan lets you organize a meeting with up to one hundred people at a time. The limit is one thousand participants with paid plans. Imagine a situation where you organize a meeting with hundreds of participants, and it becomes frightening to hear everyone’s opinion.

Fortunately, Zoom has provided a freehand function, which allows you to alert the host of your opinion. You can use the Option + Y keyboard shortcut for macOS or Alt + Y for Windows.

6. Schedule a meeting

There are several ways to create a meeting on Zoom. You can use the Schedule a meeting button from the home screen, use the Web Zoom or the corresponding keyboard shortcut. It’s the quickest way to schedule a meeting on Zoom. I use it all the time to compose a meeting.

Use the command + D on Mac or Ctrl + D on Windows to open the appointment box. Add the time, date, password and other details to create meetings.

7. Mute / unmute your audio

During the meeting, you may want to mute the audio for a while. Instead of looking for this option, you can use the Shift ⇧ + command + A keyboard shortcut for Mac or Alt + A shortcut for Windows.

8. Mute / unmute host sound

For hosts, managing hundreds of participants can be confusing. Especially at times when participants raise their hands to explain things. Hosts can use the keyboard shortcut Alt + M or Control + Command + M on macOS to mute everyone during the meeting.

9. Pause / resume recording of the meeting

Did you know that you can record the entire meeting on the device using Zoom? Although this is a good function, you will not want to save everything. Participants may wish to record parts of the meetings. You can use Alt + P on Windows or Shift Command ift + + P keyboard shortcut on macOS to pause or resume recording the meeting. You can find these Zoom video call recordings and edit them on your Mac or PC.

10. End of meeting

Zoom provides a neat keyboard shortcut to quickly end meetings. You can use the command + W on macOS or Alt + Q on Windows to end meetings.

11. Go chat with someone

As is the case with any meeting app, Zoom provides the chat function to discuss certain things with team members. You can quickly switch to the chat screen using Ctrl + T in Windows or Command + K on Mac.

Customize keyboard shortcuts in zoom

The keyboard shortcuts mentioned above are set to Zoom by default. You can delete them and even customize them. Open the Zoom app, go to Settings> Keyboard shortcuts, and double-tap the keyboard shortcuts mentioned. Select it and press delete. Now assign a new keyboard shortcut by pressing the keyboard key combination on the laptop.

Use Zoom like a pro

With these keyboard shortcuts, you can increase your productivity by reducing clicks and speeding up your work with Zoom. Whether you use it for leisure or in professional environments, these keyboard shortcuts will certainly help you save a few seconds a day.


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Last updated April 9, 2020


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