Top 11 Realme UI Tips and Tricks for Using It Like a Pro

Top 11 Realme UI Tips and Tricks for Using It Like a Pro

Realme, the Oppo sub-brand, uses the Color OS above the Android operating system for their devices since its debut in 2018. Although Realme devices have always been warmly received by users and critics, they have always had a mixed experience with the vision of Realme on Android OS . Meanwhile, early adopters are still looking for advice and tips on Realme UI to get the most out of it.

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End of 2019, Realme Announces Realme User Interface Based on Color OS to face rivals such as Redmi and POCO from Xiaomi. With the Realme user interface, the company aims to bridge the gap between Android and its personalized user interface with a rounded icon and white theme.

Fortunately, Realme does not limit the deployment of Realme UI to new devices only. The company has updated the majority of the previous portfolio to the Realme user interface based on Android 10.

In this article, we will talk about the eleven (11) best tips and tricks from Realme UI for using it like a pro. The Realme user interface is based on Color OS 7.0, so there are some similarities in terms of functions between the two. But Realme did a good job adding its touches. Let’s start.

3. Live Wallpapers

It’s not new to the Android world. Samsung and LG once offered live wallpapers, but they were too extreme and used to drain the device’s battery. Realme’s approach is better here.

Realme settings

Realme live

The wallpapers added are live but minimal and look pretty good. Since updating Realme UI on my Realme X, I have been using them on my device and so far I have not noticed any major depletion of the battery.

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4. Tons of customization options

Following in the footsteps of Color OS, the Realme user interface comes with a plethora of customization options. For example, you can change the mode of the Home screen, the layout of applications, add different effects, drag gestures down, etc.

Realme added the Smart Assistant function in the side drawer. These are mainly advertisements from applications and games in the Realme store.

Realme custom

Realme smart

There are, however, two useful additions. Quick functions and favorite contacts. Quick functions allow you to access useful tools like scanner, translator, Google search or any application at the touch of a button.

7. Theme store

Theme Store is the heart of the Realme UI experience. With one click you can implement new wallpapers, color accents, fonts, etc. Some may find it flashy, but in markets like India and China, the theme store is extremely popular.

Realme theme

Realme font

Head to the device settings and open the theme store. Browse themes, select your favorite theme and watch the preview. Press the download button to apply the change.

8. Realme Sidebar

Realme added the sidebar shortcut to access the most used applications, games and tools in the side menu. It is similar to the Samsung Edge sidebar. Open Realme Setting and go to Convenience tools> Smart Sidebar menu and activate the option.

Real side

Realme sidebar

You can change the transparency of the menu and even change its position. Swipe left and open the menu. You can press the Edit button to change the tools in the sidebar menu. I use it to take screenshots and screen recordings.

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11. Assistance ball

I use it all the time. It allows the floating ball on the screen to navigate the user interface. Open Settings> Useful tools> Assistance ball and activate the option.

Assistive realme

Realme ball

There are two options. You can either use gesture operations or touch the menu. The Tap menu opens useful shortcuts to lock the screen, back, screenshot and home. The gesture operation allows you to access the house, the notification menu, etc. by pressing, pressing twice and holding down the key.

Use Realme UI like a pro

Realme has done a commendable job with the first interaction of its user interface on Android. In the future, I hope to see more approaches similar to Oxygen OS with an Android look and feel closer to the stock. That being said, I can’t wait to see how Realme goes further with future updates.


Samsung has also done solid work with the all-new Android One UI launcher. Read the post to find tips and tricks.

Last updated March 26, 2020


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