Today’s most interesting free apps to download on your iPhone

The most outstanding FREE iPhone APPS of the moment

Do not miss the compilation of the apps on sale for iOS, today’s highlights. Five applications that will surely come to you with pearls and that you cannot miss because in the blink of an eye they will become paid.

Today’s free apps

A new article arrives in one of our star sections. We bring you the free apps for a limited time Today’s highlights. A section that we update weekly and with which today we congratulate all the parents who read us, as well as all the Josés, Josefas …

This week we bring you a very compilation of apps for you to enjoy on this festive Father’s Day bridge. Take advantage and download them ALL !!!.

As we tell you every week, on our channel Telegram we share, on a daily basis, all the most outstanding offers that appear in the App Store. If you want to save money, you just have to keep clicking below.

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Free apps for iPhone and iPad today:

We guarantee that the applications are FREE when we publish the article. Just at 13: 58 h. (Spanish time) on March 19, 2021, they were.

MarineTraffic – Ship Tracking [5,49 € ➡️ GRATIS]:

App showing marine traffic

App showing marine traffic

MarineTraffic shows near real-time positions of boats and yachts around the world. Using the largest network of receivers AIS terrestrial, the application covers most of the major ports and marine routes.

Download MarineTraffic

Rubberband Stan [2,29 € ➡️ GRATIS]:

Arcade game for iOS

Arcade game for iOS

The story begins on the Hudson River below the surface of the water, New York, NY. Join our hero Stanley in his epic race against the clock to find a man named Dr. Ivan M. Witting. Why? Well, even Stan doesn’t know, but something tells him that Dr. Witting has the answer he’s looking for.

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Download Rubberband Stan

Crypton, Bitcoin Prices [1,09 € ➡️ GRATIS]:

Cryptocurrency AppCryptocurrency App

Cryptocurrency App

Crypton It is the easiest cryptocurrency portfolio tracker and with support for all cryptocurrencies. If you are one of those who invest in this type of currency, download it now.

Download Crypton

Voice notes-voice [8,99 € ➡️ GRATIS]:

Voice memo app for iPhone

Voice memo app for iPhone

We are facing an application that allows us to insert comments and images during the recording. It is the indispensable tool to easily record your important moments like interviews, meetings, classes, conferences, etc.

Download Voice Notes-voice

Kingsman – The Secret Service [3,49 € ➡️ GRATIS]:

Fun game for iPhone and iPad

Fun game for iPhone and iPad

Experience the universe of Kingsman a stylized full-throttle adventure with incredible weapons and gadgets. With a unique visual twist that captures the essence of the world of Kingsman, the game challenges you to complete a set of missions with stealth skills and weapons arsenal.

Download Kingsman

If you later delete these apps from your iPhone Y iPad, you can always download them again FREE whenever you want. That is why we recommend you download all the ones that we comment on.

Greetings and see you next Friday with more app deals.


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