Today’s free limited-time apps for iPhone

FREE APPS for iPhone. Today's highlights [3-7-2020]

The free apps for a limited time, today’s highlights October 30, 2020. Run and download them. Offers can end at any time.

Free apps for a limited time

The weekend is coming and for you to enjoy it even more, we bring you 5 free apps that they will be for a short time. They are the best of the moment. In APPerlas We filter them and recommend that you download the most outstanding ones.

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FREE Apps for iPhone and iPad:

The offers are available right at the moment of publishing the article. Specifically the 10:02 a.m. (Spain) of the day October 30, 2020.

Convote [4,49 € -> GRATIS]:

Unit converter for iOS

Unit Converter for iOS

A unit and currency converter, very simple to use and very complete. If you are looking for an agile app that converts dollars into Euros, meters into inches, degrees Celsius in degrees FahrenheitConvote is the tool you are looking for.

Download Convoto

Glopy [2,29 € -> GRATIS]:

Original Puzzle game for iPhone

Original Puzzle game for iPhone

Skill and puzzle game that comes with a different mechanic in each episode. A puzzle game in which each level is a challenge that is becoming increasingly difficult to solve.

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Download Glopy

Accent Color [1,09 € -> GRATIS]:

Photo editing app for iPhone

Photo editing app for iPhone

Photography app with which to highlight the color in different parts of a photo. Very good for interesting compositions, such as those seen in the images above.

Download Color Accent

Phone Drive – Air File Sharing [3,49 € -> GRATIS]:

File management and storage app

File storage and management app

Fantastic document storage and management app for iPhone Y iPad. Always have them available and download, share, download … between devices and computers, without using a cable.

Download Phone Drive

The Rinky Dinky Sticker Pack [1,09 € -> GRATIS]:

Stickers App for iPhone and iPad

Stickers App for iPhone and iPad

Application that brings you fun stickers so that you can use them in any of your social media and instant messaging applications.

Download The Rinky Dinky Sticker Pack

If you have arrived in time to download the apps that have interested you, congratulations. If not, it will be faster next week.

Greetings and see you next week with new free apps for your iPhone and iPad.


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