Today is world emoji day and we tell you curiosities about them

Today is world emoji day and we tell you curiosities about them

Today, July 17th, is he world emoji day. To celebrate, we are going to tell you some curiosities about them, which you will surely like.

World emoji day

The emoji They have become a non-verbal communication mode that all of us use in our social networks, messaging apps…. It is a way of expressing a feeling in a more visual way. There are hundreds of them and from time to time many more are added.

Of many we do not know the meaning and we do not use them. If you are a curious person and want to know the meaning of some emoji in particular, we tell you in the article that we just linked, how to know what they mean.

Curiosities of the use of emoji:

We have taken these data from a large study that appears reflected in the adobe blog.

  • The five favorite emojis of users worldwide are 😂 (# 1), 👍 (# 2), ❤️ (# 3), 😘 (# 4), 😢 (# 5).
  • The three favorite emoji pairs of users are 🤣😂 (# 1), 😘❤️ (# 2), 😂❤️ (# 3).
  • The three most misunderstood emojis are 🍆 (# 1), 🍑 (# 2), and 🤡 (# 3).
  • Most emoji users agree that emojis facilitate expression (90%) and communication across language barriers (89%).
  • 67% of users think that people who use emojis are friendlier and funnier than those who don’t.
  • More than half of people are more comfortable expressing emotions through emoji than in phone conversations (55%) and in person conversations (51%).
  • More than half of users agree that the use of emojis in communications has had a positive impact on their mental health (55%).
  • 76% of global emoji users agree that emojis are an important tool in communication to create unity, respect and understanding towards others.
  • Using emojis at work helps users share ideas quickly (73%), streamlines team decision-making (63%), and reduces the need for meetings / calls (51%).

The top three emojis used when it comes to flirting, flirting, or dating:

If you have ever wondered which are the most suitable emojis to flirt and which are the least, we present them to you:

  • 😘 (# 1), 🥰 (# 2), 😍 (# 3) make you more attractive.
  • 🍆 (# 1), 🍑 (# 2), 🤪 (# 3) make you less attractive.

What do you think of these curiosities? Do you agree with all of them? We await your comments.



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