This week’s most downloaded apps on iPhone and iPad [3-8-2020]

We bring you the compilation of fashion apps that are succeeding in the world. The most downloaded apps of the week on the App Store most influential on the planet.

Most downloaded iPhone apps

Most downloaded apps on iPhone

We begin the week with our particular study of Most downloaded apps on iPhone and iPad, during the last 7 days. You are in the best place to know the Trending app, because we are the only website that does this review manually and selecting the best apps.

This week most of the world’s most important App Stores are in summer and on vacation and this is evident in the types of apps they download, especially addictive games and easy to play.

Most downloaded apps of the week on iPhone and iPad:

Here we present the most outstanding applications among the most downloaded, from July 27 to August 2, 2020.

Fruit Clinic:

This week's most downloaded apps on iPhone and iPad [3-8-2020]

This week's most downloaded apps on iPhone and iPad [3-8-2020]

Developer’s New Game Lion Studios in which we must cure the fruits. We will have to be careful and operate seriously so that the fruits come out of our clinic happy. The more fruits and vegetables we operate successfully, the more we will earn.

Download Fruit Clinic

Triller: Social Video Platform:

Create fantastic videos with TrillerCreate fantastic videos with Triller

Create great videos with Triller

Create videos and take pictures with our iPhone they are the order of the day. Most of the photo and video apps of the App Store allow us to edit both videos and photos, but the app Triller allows us to create the most original music videos.

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Download Triller

app byte:

App byte screenshotsApp byte screenshots

App byte screenshots

Byte is a video application organized around communities. Find what you want and share the world as you see it. A quite interesting social network.

Download byte app

Scribble Rider:

Fun iPhone gameFun iPhone game

Fun iPhone game

Draw the wheels that you think are necessary for your vehicles and overcome with them all the races in which you compete. Free, easy to play and super addictive. Quite a sensation in half the world.

Download Scribble Rider

Covid Radar:

App to track the Covid-19App to track the Covid-19

App to track the Covid-19

Top downloads in Spain and it is the app that the Spanish state has tested, with good results, on the island of slingshot and that soon it will begin to be used throughout the country, to track the positives for Covid-19. Completely anonymous, it is an application that everyone should install on their iPhone.

Download Covid Radar

See you next week with the most downloaded apps in the next seven days.


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