This website replicates the sounds of being in the office again

This website replicates the sounds of being in the office again

Even if I have been working from home for more than three years, it can sometimes become lonely. My apartment is generally very quiet and almost all my conversations with my colleagues take place silently on Slack, except for the clicking of my mechanical keyboard. I worked in an office for the first part of my career, and sometimes I’m nostalgic for the white noise of an office – idle chatter, the roar of an air conditioning system that is too cold, and others who slam into their keyboards.

If the pandemic has left you surprisingly nostalgic for your office,, done by Children’s creative agency, might be the closest thing to actually being there. When you load the site, hit the play button in the lower left corner and it will play a lot of sounds that are common in most offices: unreadable conversation snippets, a fan blowing somewhere, phones ringing, etc. There is even someone who feels embarrassing on his lips.

The site is not only a white noise generator, it also has a desktop layout which you can click to activate certain sounds. Click on the water cooler, for example, and you will hear the sound of water filling a cup. Clicking on the printer activates the familiar sounds of a printer. The chairs make loud noises as if someone was sinking into them. And you can even activate the sounds of a ping pong match.

The site is a fun reminder of the office environment you might have taken for granted. And the best part is that you won’t have to go through a commute to feel like you’re working side by side with your colleagues again.



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