This photographer is taking lockdown portraits over FaceTime

The lockdown has disrupted everyone’s life to varying degrees, and wedding photographers are among the most unlucky in terms of their career impact – there is no marriage, and even if there was, it would be unwise or impractical to attend. Yorkshire photographer Tim Dunk, however, has found a way to continue taking portraits in isolation: FaceTime.

Writing Petapixel, Dunk describes the process, which involves using the Live Photo button that lets you take a picture during the call. Dunk works with the subjects to find or create a good light in their houses, then edits the resulting shots in Lightroom. “The image quality will not be excellent,” he says. “Kiss him!”

Dunk says he has already done more than 50 shoots on FaceTime and donates £ 10 ($ 12) from each shoot to The Trussell Trust, a charitable food bank organization. You can see many other examples and book your own session here.


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