This is what we can expect from the iPhone 13 according to latest rumors

New rumors about the future iPhone 13 arrive

There are more and more rumors about the future iPhone 13 and that bring us closer to how the future smartphones of Manzana.

iphone 13 concept

IPhone 13 concept without notch

The presentation of the iPhone 12 has already been left behind and, now how could it be otherwise, the view is set on the next iPhone what will present Manzana, predictably, in September. And, the amount of rumors, as the months go by, is increasing.

A while ago we let you know some of these latest rumors. Among them a not very substantial design change, although we could see a reduction in the notch of the devices, as well as the inclusion of the sensor LiDAR on all devices that are presented.

These iPhone 13 rumors complement those we already knew before

But now a few different ones are arriving that complement those that have been arriving. As in the previous ones, the possibility that there is not too great a design change with respect to the iPhone 12, although it would arrive in a new matte black color.

In addition to this, Apple would improve in the future iPhone 13 the cameras of the devices and could include new photographic modes for certain scenarios, and would include a 120Hz screen that would include the mode Always on With which we could see certain data without unlocking the device and without increasing consumption.

iPhone 13 rumor 2020

A complete of the iPhone 13

Not only that, but it also seems that the mini model released with the iPhone 12 mini. This model of iPhone 12 is being one of the least sold, it seems, but Manzana I would have bet to keep it, at least, in the iPhone 13.

While many of the things mentioned sound interesting, it is worth remembering that they are rumors. And, while experience tells us that there have been times when they have been completely right, there have been others that have failed miserably, so it is too early to know if these rumors will come true. What does it seems to you?


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