This is Twitter Blue, the Twitter subscription service

This is Twitter Blue, the Twitter subscription service

Twitter has finally added a subscription mode to its application called Twitter Blue and it includes some “exclusive features.”

Twitter Blue is a reality

By February of this year 2021, rumors began to appear about Twitter. They spoke about the possibility that Twitter add subscription options in your app, with a new mode called SuperFollow, which would serve to support content creators on the platform.

East SuperFollow It was fully confirmed, but now we also know that Twitter has added a subscription service for its own application. The service is called Twitter Blue and then we will tell you everything that is known about it.

The Twitter Blue service includes some “exclusive features” for € 2.99 per month

Twitter Blue will allow, among other things, to customize the application with different color themes, as well as with the possibility of change the app icon for the home screen of our devices, whether iPhone or iPad.

It also includes three new features called Collections, Reader Y Undo. These will allow you to save tweets in different folders, make Twitter threads read better than before, and delete a tweet temporarily, respectively. This, at a price of € 2.99 monthly.

twitter blue twitter subscription service

This is Twitter Blue

Many of you may be thinking that this is about a joke debt or something similar. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, we encourage you to enter the App Store and look for the application of Twitter.

Then you will only have to scroll down the app file and you will be able to see, yourselves, that there is now an Integrated Purchases section where you can see the new Twitter subscription service, Twitter Blue, At a price of € 2.99 monthly.

We imagine that this subscription service will progress and more functions will arrive, but we, right now and with the functions that it includes, we do not see much sense of it. What do you think of this new subscription service for Twitter?


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