This is the money that Apple gives you for your old iPhone [2020]

This is the money that Apple gives you for your old iPhone [2020]

If you have a iPhone and have you ever wondered how much I would pay you Manzana for him, to exchange it for one of his new smartphone, you are in the right place. We are going to comment on the discounts that, at most, they can give you.

This is the money that Apple gives you for your old iPhone [2020]

Discounts that Apple gives you for your old iPhone

Manzana has for sale the iPhone 12, 12 mini, iPhone 12 PRO, 12 PRO MAX, iPhone 11, XR Y iPhone I KNOW (2nd generation). These are the devices to which the discounts of your renewal plan can be applied.

If you have an old terminal and want to buy a new one, Manzana offers you an interesting discount. You can get to buy a iPhone 12 PRO 128 Gb, of € 1,159, for only € 459.

These discounts are good if you want to worry about getting rid of your old terminal. But what is clear is that if you choose to sell it on your own, surely you will do so for a value higher than the discount offered by the apple company.

If you do not want to heat your head and prefer to deliver it to apply a discount on the price, continue reading.

The most Apple pays you for your old iPhone:

Before commenting on the discounts, we are going to show you what is the price of the iPhone that Apple has for sale today:

  • iPhone 12 PRO MAX: From € 1,259
  • 12 PRO: From € 1,159
  • 12: From € 909
  • iPhone 12 mini: From € 809
  • iPhone 11: From € 689
  • XR: From € 589
  • SE (2nd generation): From € 489

Discounts when delivering your iPhone:

These discounts are applied when buying, as we said at the beginning, a iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 PRO, 12 PRO MAX, iPhone 11, XR Y iPhone I KNOW (2nd generation):

  • Delivering a iPhone 11 PRO MAX: Up to € 700.
  • 11 PRO: Up to € 640.
  • eleven: Up to € 500.
  • XS MAX: Up to € 360.
  • XS: Up to € 330.
  • iPhone XR: Up to € 290.
  • iPhone X: Up to € 270.
  • 8 Plus: Up to € 200.
  • 8: Up to € 160.
  • 7 Plus: Up to € 145.
  • 7: Up to € 110.
  • 6s Plus: Up to € 90.
  • 6s: Up to € 60.
  • 6 Plus: Up to € 60.
  • 6: Up to € 50.
  • SE (1st generation): Up to € 40.
  • Other models: Recycling.

As you can see, they offer up to the maximum amount that we publish in the top list. Everything will depend on the state in which you have the iPhone.

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If you want to know with more certainty when the price that will give you Manzana for your iPhone, the best thing you can do is download the following App:

Download Apple Store

Access the purchase of any of the iPhone that are offered in the application, configure it to your liking and accept the option “Do you want to hand over an old iPhone?”. Based on the serial number of your mobile, and its condition, they will give you a more adjusted price.

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