This is the app that people have chosen to replace WhatsApp

This is the app that people have chosen to replace WhatsApp

After the controversy of the new WhatsApp terms and conditions of use, many people have decided that the time has come to replace it with another app.

This alternative to WhatsApp protects our privacy

A few days ago we let you know that WhatsApp had updated its terms and conditions. This, under normal circumstances, shouldn’t surprise anyone. But these new WhatsApp terms and conditions are controversial to say the least.

From what it seems, from the instant messaging app, taking advantage of the fact that they are from Facebook, it will begin to share user data with Facebook without us being able to do anything, beyond stopping using the app. And, precisely because of this, many people have decided to look for an alternative to WhatsApp which, it seems, has been the app Signal.

The application that people have chosen as an alternative to WhatsApp has been the Signal app:

This application is an alternative to WhatsApp quite interesting. Signal It is offered as a completely free instant messaging app, without any type of advertisement, since it is a non-profit organization.

signal capture app ios

Despite being free, Signal respects privacy

Signal it also offers all the functions it already offers WhatsApp. It has text messages, audio messages, calls and video calls, as well as the possibility of sharing any element we want. So, if our contacts use it, we should have no problem migrating to it. app.

But not only is this important, but Signal offers complete and absolute privacy, by including end-to-end encryption at all times and for all functions of the application, be it messages, calls or video calls.

All its features and the privacy it offers have probably been what has made people choose Signal as an alternative to WhatsApp. Something that is quite clear just by looking at the download rankings of the last few days worldwide.

Signal is one of the most downloaded apps

Signal is one of the most downloaded app in many countries

What do you think of Signal to replace WhatsApp after knowing the controversy of its new terms and conditions? Will you change app to continue talking with your contacts or you will continue using the app property of Facebook?

If you want to download this messaging app, click on the following link:

Download Signal



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