This is how you can reduce loud sounds in iPhone headphones

This is how you can reduce loud sounds in iPhone headphones

We show you how to reduce loud sounds in iPhone headphones and thus protect our hearing with a simple function.

reduce loud sounds

In this simple way you can reduce loud sounds

Today we are going to teach you reduce loud sounds in headphones. A great way to protect our ears and let our iPhone take care of them.

Many times when we listen to music, for example, we turn the volume of the headphones to maximum. And it is that sometimes we like to enjoy that song properly. But the truth is that we are doing a disservice to our ears and we are damaging their health.

That is why Apple gives us the possibility of activating a function that can be really good for us and that without realizing it, it will take care of our ears.

How to reduce loud sounds in headphones

To begin, we must go to the iPhone settings. Once here, we look for the tab <>. Here we can modify various aspects of our device, such as the ringtone.

But in this case, what interests us is the section of the headphones and therefore, the health of our ears, specifically, hearing. Therefore, we must click on the tab <>.

reduce loud sounds 1reduce sounds strong 1

Click on the safety tab of the headphones

It will be here where we find the function that really interests us. To do this, we activate the tab that we see at the bottom and we will see that a bar automatically appears to us to choose the maximum decibels we want to hear. In addition, in small it will indicate more or less how much each one corresponds to …

reduce loud sounds 2shrink loud sounds 2

Activate tab

Once this is done, we will have this function configured and when we have the headphones on, we will see that if we exceed these levels, the audio will decrease. All this will do it automatically without us having to touch absolutely anything.


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