This is how you can hide the iPhone home screen

This is how you can hide the iPhone home screen

We show you how to hide the iPhone home screen and leave only the one that interests us, without having to delete anything.

hide home screen

In this simple way you can hide the iPhone home screen

Today we are going to teach you hide iPhone home screen. A good way to make all those screens with applications disappear and leave only the one we want.

As time passes and we are downloading applications, it is possible that several pages will be created on the home screen with these applications. That is why Apple has created the application library, so that we have everything much more organized.

But apart from this, it also gives us the possibility of being able to hide all these screens or pages that are created for us, leaving only the home screen that interests us.

How to hide the iPhone home screen

As we do with apps to delete or move them, this time we must do the same, but with the home screen.

Obviously, we should not press and hold this screen, but if we must do it with any application, as if we wanted to uninstall it. When we see that the icons start to shake, then click on the icon of the home pages.

hide home screen 1hide home screen 1

Press and hold to access modify

We hold down that icon and we will see how all the pages we have appear automatically on the screen. All we have to do is mark or unmark those that we do not want.

hide home screen 2hide the home screen 2

Select the pages we want and the ones we don’t

By doing so, these will no longer appear and we will only see the ones we want. In this way, we can have only one screen with the apps we use the most and the other applications in the library created for it. We thus avoid having several pages and getting lost among them.

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