This is how you can hide online in WhatsApp for iPhone

We show you the way to be able to hide online in WhatsApp, from our iPhone and that nobody knows if you are connected or not.

online on WhatsApp

So you can hide WhatsApp online from iPhone

Today we are going to teach you hide online on WhatsApp. A great way that nobody knows if we are connected at the moment or not.

If there is something that always drives us upside down in messaging apps, it is privacy. And it is that on many occasions we are not interested in others knowing too much about us. Normally those things that can bother us are if we have read messages, if we are connected or the last time we have connected …

This time, we are going to focus on our online status. We will prevent the other person from knowing whether or not we are connected at that moment.

How to hide online in WhatsApp for iPhone

This time we will use both the notification center like lock screen. From these two places, we will be able to carry on a conversation without anyone knowing if we are connected or not.

Therefore, what we must do is simple. We must be out of the app so that it does not appear that we are online and answer the messages as they come to us. These messages, as we have commented, we can answer both from the notification center, and from the lock screen.

By doing so, we will see that the other person receives the messages, but nevertheless no one else will know that we are connected and no one will appear that we are online. In this way we will be hidden and they will not bother us at that moment.

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But if the process has not been clear to you, we are going to explain you step by step everything in a video that we have made for our YouTube channel

Video in which we explain the whole process

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