This game of collecting balls is the fashion game in half the world

This game of collecting balls is the fashion game in half the world

The viral game of the week in half a planet. We’ll have to bounce and collect the balls from the right place to collect as many balls as possible and unlock the next challenge.

Game of collecting balls

Sunday arrives and with it we bring you the games for iphone most downloaded in the world in recent days. Today that award is taken Bounce an Collect, a free, simple and addictive game that will catch you from the first level.

As we always warn, the bad thing about this type of game is that they have a lot of publicity. That is why we give you a tutorial with which we teach you how to play ad-free in these types of apps.

In Bounce and Collect we have to collect balls. The more the better:

In the first level we will find out how the game works. We will have to move the hand with the glass that contains the balls, sliding the finger across the screen from left to right. But be careful, as soon as we touch the screen we will overturn the container and the balls will begin to fall. That is why before making any movement we have to think carefully about the movement that we are going to make.

Bounce and collect screenshot

Bounce and collect screenshot

Stripes with different numbers or symbols will appear on the levels. These will multiply, subtract … the balls that pass through that area. If what we want is for the more balls to reach the collecting glass, the ideal is to pass them through the multiplying areas.

There will also be obstacles such as, for example, a kind of tunnel that can transport the balls from one place to another.

A simple typical game to kill time waiting for the bus, subway, doctor … or in moments of extreme boredom.

This game is created by the developer Voodooundoubtedly one of the best companies to create addictive games for iPhone.

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