This COVID symptom app differentiates the symptoms of diseases

This COVID symptom app differentiates the symptoms of diseases

The Spanish Society of Immunology has launched a COVID symptoms app to differentiate the disease between colds and flu.

A new app focused on the COVID pandemic

The pandemic of COVID-19 Keep on hitting the world And, because of this, although somehow you can see some hope, each time more tools related to the pandemic emerge, all of them with different utilities.

This is the case of the app we are talking about today SEIApp. This app has been created by Spanish Society of Immunology. And its main function is to know and differentiate the symptoms of COVID-19 with those of the common colds and the flu, since the three diseases can share symptoms.

This COVID-19 symptoms app can be very useful for information purposes

When we open the application we will see that the application invites us to monitor our symptoms of Cold, Flu and Covid. To start the «test», we will simply have to press «Start» at the bottom of the initial screen of the app.

Covid Sei Seiapp 2 symptoms app

The main screen of the app

In doing so we will see that we have to answer a series of fairly simple questions. The vast majority of them will be related to the symptoms we have and we will have to respond to them in a totally sincere way for the result to be valid.

Although the app allows us to know the result without having answered all the questions, it is advisable to answer all of them, since the result we obtain will be more reliable. Once answered, we will see the result indicating, as a percentage, what pathology we may have.

Covid Sei Seiapp 1 symptoms app

In the «test» we found different questions about possible symptoms

In any case, although this free app can help us differentiate the symptoms between the three pathologies, it is important that if you have any symptoms of COVID19 you get in touch with the health authorities to find out what you have to do.

But, SEIApp It is, without a doubt, a resource that can be quite useful for information purposes and, even, to know the symptoms that the three types of diseases can generate. You can download the app completely free from the App Store.

Download SEIApp and know the different symptoms of diseases


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