This app to create business cards makes it easy to create and share them

This app to create business cards makes it easy to create and share them

The app to create business cards It makes it much easier for us to create and share these types of business cards.

app to create hihello 4 business cards

Great and simple application

Thanks to the digital age we are able to do things that were previously unimaginable. Not only that, but thanks to our iPhone and iPad we can do much easier tasks that were previously more difficult. And one of those things that we can do more easily, thanks to the app HiHello, is to create and share business cards.

Upon entering the app We will see that its use is really simple. The first thing we have to do is register in the application. Once this is done, we have to add some data series to start creating the cards.

This app to create business cards allows us to share them by QR, AirDrop or email

The first thing will be the name that we want to appear on the business card. Next we must add the workplace as well as our position, and also a photo, our phone number and our email.

app to create hihello 2 business cardsapp to create hihello 2 business cards

Add your name and company

With these simple steps, the app We will create three simple business cards, one for Work, the other for Personal and the other with email. But, if we want to customize our cards to the maximum, we only have to press «+» at the top right.

By doing so we can add all the data that we have indicated below, but we can also add a video, as well as customize the color of the card and add the logo of our company, as well as many other data. And, sharing our business cards is as simple as clicking on the icon of the three dots, choosing to share and showing the QR code or choose a mail or AirDrop.

app to create hihello 3 business cardsapp to create hihello 3 business cards

The default cards that create the app

If you are looking for a simple way to create and share business cards, we cannot do anything other than recommend you download this application, since, in addition to being completely free, we are sure that you will find it very useful.

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Download HiHello and create the business cards you want and how you want

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