This app shows how your children or those of other couples will be

This app shows how your children or those of other couples will be

Today we bring you a very fun application with which you can know how will your children be or those of your friends, family … or those of the people you want. You will simply have to cross their photographs to obtain an image of the child.

Get a photo of how your children will be with this app

Obviously we are facing a entertainment app from which we have to take their results as a joke. No free application can predict what our descendants will be 100%, but it is curious to see the results.

And we can not only see how our children will be with our partner, friends, celebrities … we can also “find out” how the descendants of anyone we add in the app would be. A fun way to pass the time and what a eye, although we should not give the resulting images much truthfulness, we have found that sometimes it gives quite reliable results.

Babygenerator, the app that shows how your children will be:

Sure in the App Store There are many applications that perform this process, but we have tried one app that has succeeded in japan in the last weeks.

In addition, we have named it as a featured app in our next compilation of applications from Youtube. The app appears in the minute 3:55. Clicking on the Play It should go to the time we talk about it. If it doesn’t, go to the right minute to see how the app works:

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To be able to use Babygenerator we must allow the application to access our photographs from the reel. Once we give the relevant permissions, we must click on the boxes with the male and female symbols, to add photos of the people we want to know how their children will be.

Obviously we can add photos of ourselves, friends, family … and even famous people that we can download from the internet. In the demonstration we show in the video, I added a photo of myself and another of Jessica Alba.

Babygenerator interfaceBabygenerator interface

Babygenerator interface

Once we add them, we must choose the age with which we want to show the boy or girl. In the free version, it only lets us choose between a few options. If you want to choose other ages, you must go to the checkout and pay for the version PRO of the application.

Once we have it chosen, we will press the hearts to show the result.

On the screen where the child’s image is shown we have options with which we can save the photo, share it or even create a collage with her.

An entertainment app that will surely make you laugh more than once.

Download Babygenerator


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