This app allows you to write a personal diary on the iPhone and iPad

This app allows you to write a personal diary on the iPhone and iPad

If you want to start writing your personal diary on iPhone, the app Everlog makes it very easy for you. A simple to use application that has everything for you to record your day to day on your device.

Everlog allows you to write your personal diary on the iPhone

More and more, people a small part of their day to write down everything that happened to them during the day. Above all, when you are already an age you want to write daily everything important that happens to you daily. That is why they exist iPhone and iPad apps that allow to do it in a very simple way. One of them we bring you today.

It is a way of leaving specific experiences, experiences, moments … with which to enjoy or learn from them, in the future, when we read them again. Surely many moments, if we do not leave them captured, will evaporate in memory and you will never remember them again. That is why it is good to keep a record in a journal.

Everlog is an app that allows you to do that effortlessly. In addition, it has a Widget that allows us to have a more attractive access to the app and, thus, “force” ourselves a little more to write daily.

Write your personal diary on your iPhone and iPad with the Everlog app:

In the following video we show you how the app is. Right in the minute 0:35 Everlog is mentioned, cataloged by our team as one of the best November 2020 apps. If it doesn’t appear directly at that very moment when you press play, you already know when we talk about it.

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It is an application, if you have seen the video, very simple to use and manage. We simply have to write what we want, on the corresponding day. It’s that simple.

It is free but its business model is by subscription, so many functions are capped and can only be used if you pay for them. But we have to say that the paid version is just what we need if we only want to capture, on a daily basis, what happens to us in the day.

Everlog interface for iPhone

Everlog interface for iPhone

One of its strengths is Widget. This will show us a graph of what we write every day. Do not think that it shows the content we generate, which is private. It shows some bars where you can see the words that we have written every day. This will make us see, at a glance, which days more things have happened to us.

It also has the ability to configure, to our liking, the app icon.

It is true that there are functions that should be basic and that are paid. But everything is to try it in its free version and if we see that we like the app, choose to subscribe to it.

One of the best apps to write a personal diary on iPhone and iPad of the App Store.

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