They get a Jailbreak for all versions of iOS, including iOS 13.5

They get a Jailbreak for all versions of iOS, including iOS 13.5

One of the main teams dedicated to creating the Jailbreak for devices iOS He claims to have succeeded again, even for iOS 13.5.

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The Jailbreak could be back

Jailbreaking iOS devices was a very popular thing some time ago. This tool allows customization and a greater opening of the iPhone and iPad operating system. But with the different improvements to iOS, many of the users of the Jailbreak stopped using it.

In fact, not long ago it seemed that we were at the end of the Jailbreak. And it is that, at inability to do it in operating systems newer, elimination joined from three of the largest repositories from Cydia, the alternative store.

This Jailbreak could be done on all iOS devices and versions, including iOS 13.5

But now one of the main teams dedicated to «jailbreake” the devices iOS, unc0ver, ensures that it has managed to do it on all devices. Including the most modern and indifferently to iOS that they have installed, being iOS 13.5 included.

They have announced them themselves through Twitter. In the statement they say they will launch the Jaibreak unc0ver 5.0.0 with support for any device and for all versions of iOS signed. Not only that, but they ensure that this Jailbreak it is possible to a vulnerability 0day kernel and encourage users to upgrade to iOS 13.5.

jailbreak ios 13.5 unc0ver teamjailbreak ios 13.5 unc0ver team

Developer Team Statement

Of course, this is great news for users of iOS who have installed and used the Jailbreak and they want to do the same in the iPhone and iPad. So it seems, in a short time and if they want, they can do it on their devices.

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For most users of iOS and iPadOS, against and due to the improvements of said operating systems, the Jailbreak it is completely unnecessary. In fact, if you do not know what you are doing, we do not recommend trying to install or use them, since the disadvantages may outweigh the advantages.


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