They demand that Apple remove the Telegram app from the App Store

How to know if a person has listened to an audio on Telegram

A non-profit organization has legally demanded that Manzana remove the instant messaging app Telegram of the App Store.

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Will Telegram be removed from the App Store?

Telegram has had a huge boom in recent days. This is obviously due to the controversy with the WhatsApp terms and conditionsTherefore, the app belonging to Facebook would share data with it without our permission.

This made many users of WhatsApp they will choose look for an alternative among which was, without a doubt, Telegram. But now, this instant messaging app could face problems.

According to the plaintiffs, on Telegram hatred and incitement to violence are spread

And it is that, by what seems, a non-profit organization has initiated a lawsuit that involves Telegram. With it, said association seeks to force Manzana to delete the application Telegram of the App Store thus preventing its download and use.

The organization in question bases this “request” on the fact that, in Telegram, people can freely share hateful and inciting content. Incitement that takes place in the app through channels, groups and users that are dedicated to spreading hate and violence.


One of the functions of Telegram

While it is true that in Telegram anyone can create a channel and a massive group, the app stands out for having some control over it. And it would not be the first time that the app itself has eliminated groups or channels with content not allowed, on its own initiative, and based on user complaints.

We can’t know what the end result of this will be, but we don’t think Manzana go delete Telegram on its own initiative since, if it is available in the App Store, it is because it does not violate Apple’s rules of use. Something that the apple company takes into account when it comes to removing apps.


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