These cards have weakened or boosted your Clash Royale deck [2021]

These cards have weakened or boosted your Clash Royale deck [2021]

With the new update received a few days ago in Clash royale, surely you have noticed that some characters in the game do not perform as before. We tell you the cards that have been penalized and improved in the update received in the season 24.

Clash Royale deck

The Clash Royale season 24 and, after playing a few games, we have detected that our deck does not perform as before. Many of the cards are not as powerful as before and that has a reason, balance adjustments. The game developers have depowered some cards. Of course, they have weakened them in some aspects and have strengthened them in another. Not everything is going to be bad.

That is why we have been forced to write this article to find out if you have been harmed or not. In our clan, APPerlas TEAMMany of the players have told us that their decks have lost effectiveness. We have started to investigate and we have found the following.

Balance adjustments. Weakened and empowered cards that affect the performance of Clash Royale decks:

Next we are going to talk about the letters of Clash royale that have been affected.

Fire spirit:

  • Its elixir cost is reduced from 2 to 1.
  • When casting the card, from now on 3 will not appear if not only 1 spirit of fire.
  • The damage it does has been increased by 6%.
  • Hit points have also been increased by 109%.
  • Jump range is increased by 25%.
  • The radius of damage has also been increased by 47%.


  • Now only generates 1 adjusted fire spirit.
  • They add 2 extra waves, one every 7 seconds.
  • Life time has been reduced by 2%.

Elite barbarians:

  • The visibility range has been increased by 9%. Seeing more will make them see an enemy at a greater distance and get distracted more easily.


  • The pilla girl’s first attack has been increased from 1 to 0.8 seconds.

Giant skeleton:

  • Deadly damage to towers has doubled.


  • Attack speed is increased by 10%.

Cannon with wheels:

  • Attack speed without wheels has been increased by 10%.


  • Golem mortal damage reduced by 28%.

Ice Wizard:

  • Hit points have been reduced by 3%. Now if he is hit by a fireball he is defeated.

In addition to these changes, a powerful new card called “Owners excavator”. Unlocks in arena 13 and costs 4 elixir. Its life time is 9 seconds and it spawns a goblin every 3 seconds. Additionally, it spawns 3 goblins when it is destroyed. When it appears, it knocks back enemies and deals some damage to them.

Without a doubt, some adjustments that will make many of us have to modify our decks in Clash royale.



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