These are the winners of the Apple Design Awards 2020

These are the winners of the Apple Design Awards 2020

Manzana You have already decided which apps and games are worth winning Manzana Design Awards 2020. We tell you which are the winners.

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Who will have won this year?

How it happens every year at WWDC, Manzana It rewards and mentions the apps and games that it considers the best of the year. These awards are called Apple Design Awards and, with the completion of the WWDCWe already know that developers are the award winners.

In order for Apple to consider the applications and games it awards deserving of these awards, they must stand out from the rest, both in terms of functionality and design. And this time they are a total of 4 applications and 4 sets those who take the award.

These are the apps and games that have won the Apple Design Awards 2020:


  • Darkroom: One of the photo and video editors Most popular on the App Store. Despite having a simple and intuitive interface, it is a powerful editor to keep in mind.
  • Looom: Exclusive app for iPad that, inspired by music creation tools, allows us to design and create animations.
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The Looom app

  • Shapr3D: A 3D design app that attracts a lot of attention due to the results that can be obtained and because it is the only fully mobile CAD app.
  • StaffPad: This application can become a must for musicians and composers. And, what it allows you to do is convert the scores and notes by hand to digital format.


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The Sky: Children of Light game

  • Song of bloom: An indie developer game in which we explore a story told in different styles that change rapidly as we progress through the game.
  • Where cards fall: In this puzzle game you have to build houses from cards. All this to make the memories of the protagonist come true.
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We remind you that these games and apps are the winners of the awards for what they contribute and for innovation. Therefore, if any of them has caught your attention, we recommend downloading it.


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