These are the TOP DOWNLOADS of the week on iPhone and iPad

Most downloaded apps of the week. They are sensation in half the world

Here five most downloaded apps of the week, in the App Store most important on the planet. Do not miss it. For something they have been the most installed in iPhone and iPad, during the last days.

Most downloaded apps of the week

Most downloaded apps of the week

We start the week with a review at most downloaded apps on iOS devices, during the last seven days. We analyze the top downloads in the most influential countries on the planet and show them to you in a most interesting compilation.

This week they appear again among the most installed, applications that we already named last week, such as Scribble ride. For not making us repetitive, we bring you other applications, also highly downloaded, which are sure to attract more attention than other apps that we have already told you about.

Most downloaded apps on iPhone and iPad:

All these apps have appeared among the five most downloaded of the week, among the August 3 and 9, 2020, in the App Store most important on the planet.

Madden NFL 21 Mobile Soccer [Gratis]:

NFL 21 MobileNFL 21 Mobile

NFL 21 Mobile

The quintessential American football game. It has taken the TOP 1 of the US App Store and is still at the top of the ranking. If you like this sport or want to experience new sports adventures, don’t miss the opportunity to download it. Become a legend of this sport.

Download Madden NFL 21 Mobile Soccer

Stairway To Heaven! [Gratis]:

We all want to get to heaven one day, but it is our decisions in life that decide whether we go to it or not. Start as a child and make good decisions to grow up and get to heaven. Will you make the right decisions in life? The app is in English and it can also be used to practice with the language.

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Download Stairway To Heaven!

REFACE: face swap videos [Gratis]:

App that allows you to do DeepfakeApp that allows you to do Deepfake

App that allows you to do Deepfake

It has gone viral during the week. The application has changed its name and has added new functions that have been liked a lot. The old one Doublicat it’s called now Reface and allows you to put your face on anyone who appears in its extensive library of videos and Gif. Do not resist and try this app Deepfake.

Download REFACE

Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release [Gratis]:

App Nike SNKRSApp Nike SNKRS

Nike SNKRS App

For lovers of sports shoes, surely this type of Sneakers apps you love them. This week the Nike application has been trending downloads in many countries of the world. It seems that the fever for this sports accessory is on the rise.

Download Nike SNKRS

Monopoly [4,49 €]:

Monopoly screenshot on iOSMonopoly screenshot on iOS

Monopoly screenshot on iOS

It has made a place among the 5 most downloaded payment apps of the week, in many countries on the planet. Buy, sell and plan your strategy to earn money in abundance. Play alone, with friends and family in offline mode or play online against opponents from all over the world.

Download Monopoly

We hope you liked this week’s selection and, in seven days, we will be waiting for you with the most downloaded apps of the week.



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