These are the new emojis that will arrive in 2021-2022

These are the new emojis that will arrive in 2021-2022

They will arrive soon new emojis to our devices and we will tell you what they are. Some of them surely that you will use them many times.

New emojis for iPhone

The Unicode Consortium is working on the list of emojis to be added in the update of Emoji 14. A few days ago the world emoji day and we already have news of new emoticons coming to our keyboards shortly.

Emojipedia it has details on what we can expect from them, with some models that offer the possibility of knowing how they might look.

These are the new emojis 2021-2022:

In the following image we can see all those that, supposedly, will arrive:

Emojis 2021-2022

Emojis 2021-2022 (Image:

New facial emojis include melted face, face with eyes open and hand over mouth, face with peeking eye, military salute face, dotted line face, face with diagonal mouth, and face that holds back tears.

There are several new skin tones being proposed for palm, heart hands, handshake, crown person, pregnant person emojis, and more.

Troll, coral, lotus flower, empty nest, nest with eggs, beans, pouring liquid, biting lip, flask, playground slide, wheel, ring buoy, hamsa, mirror ball, low battery, crutch, rays X, bubbles, name card, and equals sign may all make their way to the next iOS emoji update after final candidates are decided on in September.

The candidates for Emoji are not finalized and it will not be until the end of this year when those who enter the final version of Emoji 14 are decided. This means that while all the ones we have shown you are in the draft list, it is possible that enter the final version.

As we have said, all the images you see in this article are Emojipedia designs. Then the ones that are finally approved, each OS manufacturer (like Apple) will make your own custom designs.



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